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The Autism Conversation Mapping is being created to help Kat comprehend language and communication.
In 2007, I was discussing with her aide how currently she has learned to ask questions but does
not always listen to response. Therefore, her conversation becomes sort of an interrogation.
I thought of creating a conversation map for Kat sort of like a flow chart to help her visually learn the flow of conversation. We hope your kids can benefit from our ideas as well. Please send us your feedback.

I'm not
feeling well.
How are you?
You don't
look well.
What's wrong?
Are you sick?
I'm just tired.
Did you
sleep well?
I do feel hot.
You should
see a doctor.
I am fine,
thank you.
How are you
I am doing
great. What
are you up to?
I am reading.
What are you

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