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Name Type Studio Title Description Picture Year Website Stars
Aurora Cartoon Disney Sleeping Beauty Princess that was put to sleep by an evil fairy Picture-Aurora 1959 Disney- Aurora
Hercules Cartoon Disney Hercules Son of Zeus and Hera Picture-Hercules 1998 Disney- Hercules
Mulan Cartoon Disney Mulan A brave Chinese girl warrior Picture-Mulan 1998 Disney- Mulan
Shere Khan Cartoon Disney The Jungle Book An evil tiger who wnts to kill Mowgli Picture-Shere Khan 1967 Disney- Mowgli
Snow White Cartoon Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs A princess mistreated by an evil stepmother Queen Picture-Snow White 1937 Disney- Snow White
Tarzan Cartoon Disney Tarzan A man raised by gorillas Picture-Tarzan 1999 Disney- Tarzan
Woody Cartoon Disney Toy Story A toy cowboy doll Picture-Woody 1995 Disney- Woody

Read Kat's Story - Kat is a young woman diagnosed with autism.

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