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January 1998


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







Hi, Kat was a chatterbox yesterday , I hope she stops at school. I enclosed presents for Mrs. R. and Mrs. D.

Thanks Danuta


Kat had her journal open when I got in She hadn't started writing yet, though. In health class, the had three special speakers who came to talk about smoking. After talking about it, they broke into groups and talked about an ad. Each of the groups presented their answers.

Science class was skipped because the speical speakers took up two periods The next unit in science is unit 5 p. 184. The new chapter in social studies is about the 1750's (?).

Mrs. H. talked about volcanoes , particularly Mt. Vesuvius, in reading enrichment. Kat had a little bit of trouble paying attention at first but once Mrs. H. started reading, she did.

In Mrs. R.'s class, Kat matched words with definitions. Then, she took a language test on dropping y and adding "ies" or "ied" and on putting the correct word in a sentence. After that, she worked on her spelling seatwork.

After lunch, she had social studies. The topic is native Americans. They read and took notes. Then, they had math. Kat had a worksheet due tomorrow. She is doing 7's multiplication now. Kat knows these very well.

I left while Kat was still doing math. Can we have some more lined paper and hole reinforcers for the front pages?


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Hi, I am not sure we have the correct chapters in science and social studies? Social studies Ch 10 & science Ch 6?


PS To help her follow reading I was reading science with her without following with the finger in text. When I finished she had to start where I left. This might help her to follow with other kids in class

PPS Did you buy script at school yet?

* A. will discuss this with you this afternoon.


Good morning!

Nice hello today but absolutely no EC. Decided it is definitely time to be stricter about this as you mentioned last night. We went right to P.E. and were a bit early so I made her have a conversation with Mrs. B. about Christmas. Mrs. B. asked for good EC from Kat so there was no way out. Got about 4 good exchanges I think that forcing these short conversations and then rewarding for good lang. will help her understand it is expected and she will be reinforced for it.

In gym, the class was preparing for winter carnival. They were broken up into groups and Mrs. B. explained how to lead the exercises including using a stop watch. Each person in the group is expected to lead a designated exercise for 1 minute. Kat needed a little bit of help to do the exercises but she attempted all of them by herself initially.

Kat went to the library and picked out another fish book. She talked to the librarian a little bit.

In science class, she worked on a picture of the distance of the planets from the sun. Then, she went to Mrs. R.'s class and did her spelling and then she worked on math to review carrying numbers. It took a while for her to remember it. Before lunch, I asked her to describe a beef burrito. She did okay. I didn't want to go through describing it in detail since I had her describe the cookie.

Kat played with D., as usual. They talked a bit more than yesterday.

In music class, they had try-outs for the play, so Kat wrote in her journal for a little while. Later, they sang (the songs from the play). Kat sang a few words.

Last, Kat had math. They did division with remainders. She did okay. It will take awhile for her to catch on.

A. & Melissa.



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1/7 Hi Melissa I will be in this morning. I thought more about maintenance . I still think that school is the best place to maintain and generalize these drills. If she can not generalize them to school then we cannot reall move on. Maybe we need a better plan on how we get it done. But unless the drill are generalized the concepts will be lost. Talk to you later.


PS Sorry that you will not be at the Thursday meeting. Should we reschedule it so that you could be there?

Danuta -

There is a note for you concerning math on the back of Kat's homework paper. ( worksheet )




Kat didn't like the art projecrt today. She did not want to touch the clay. I had to give her a lot of gestural and verbal prompts and hand over hand prompts. She kept asking to wash her hands.

Then, she went to Mrs. R.'s room. She was not attending to the teacher's directions. I had to ask her what the teacher said and then either the teacher or I prompted her again. Kat did well on her language worksheets even though she missed part of the story. After they read a short sotyr on the weaving Spiderwoman, they colored books. Melissa went over the sotyr with her and asked her questions about the story. Then, she did a few math problems of subtractionwith carrying numbers.

Kat had a few spontaneous utterances during lunch that were very nice. Duringrecess, Melissa asked her why she was laughing and she said "because I am swinging." She prompted her to tell her why she couldn't catch something ( because she was swinging ) and why she didn't want to play ripflag (because I don't want to get dirty). We asked her every once in awhile.

During speech, they worked on synonyms for pictured items. The first letter of each synonym was given. She had trouble with this. She could only get one or two per picture. Kat did a little bit of mathbefore goingto science class.

In science, they read about galaxies and then did the lesson review on page 191.

*Danuta -

There is a note for you concerning math on the back of Kat's homework paper. (worksheet)


* Science Test Tuesday, January 13 ----> may be moved to Wednesday! (1/14)

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HR: Good morning! When I arrived this morning Kat was copying science notes from the board. Mrs. D. was prompting her nicely. Kat said "Good morning Linda" very nicely - w/ eye contact & a smile. * Today is my first day back in school since before the holidays! Kat stood & said "pledge of allegiance" & sang some of the national anthem, she looked over at me & smiled - seeing me sing (w/ a nod) she would sing a little more.


* Mrs. B. told me that Kat " picked up " on alot when the team did the exercises on Thursday! She is remembering moves !

S.S. - Kat is copying science notes from the board per Mrs. D's instructions, she is sitting quietly - writing and taking prompts from Mrs. D. to follow along w/ the notes on the board! (because of a "safetys" meeting tomorrow S.S. is being divided - half science / social studies ) Kat is taking all cues from Mrs. D. and really attending to her note-taking.

Sciences - stars, milky way, galaxies (Kat did a beautiful job reading for the class (Mrs. D. prompted her for volume) she seemed interested in the stars & followed along in her book & listened to Mrs. D. (just a few prompts for attn!)

S.S. - Chapter 10 p. 234 immigrants & the frontier - Kat was very attentive during social studies! She followed along in the book (some prompting) & listened to Mrs. D. (prompt for attn) the class did very well so Mrs. D. gave them a 5 minute recess at the end of class - Kat ran around outside w/ the kids!

Mrs. R.'s- Kat listened to a story about a little girl & her grandmother & weaving a rug - lots of prompts for attn! but Kat did answer 2 questions from the story that Mrs. B1. posed to her! Kat did an awesome job on her spelling pretest - 104 A+ ! ! ! She only missed a couple of the "extra credit" words! great Kat! (she had studied quietly before the test w/ me & I quizzed her on her words)

Lunch: Kat said "hi, D.!" and smiled brightly (when D. said "hello" to her!) D. tried to talk to Kat during lunch - D. told Kat and I how much fun she had at Kat's house on tuesday. I asked Kat if she had fun making cookies w/ D. she said "yes - we made the cookies!"


Mrs. R. (Social Studies) - Kat did very well with a worksheet w/ definitions from the story the class read earlier - needed some prompting (to look at & refer to a diagram) but knew the definitions ! she worked quietly at her desk ( seatwork ) before math

Math - Kat is working on word problems (prompts for attn* - verbal stim ) went over last night's homework.

---> Next division w/ remainders - needs help! Kat is very resistant to these problems; she wants a clear cut even answer, hasn't quite grasped the concept o/ remainders (trying to convince her it's ok not to come up w/ an even answer)

Oh, hey thank you very much for the adorable Christmas present! It was so kind of you! ---> hey - Kat just got a division w/ remainders correct! Awesome!! ! (just needs propmting to "stick w/ the problem!)

Overall a very good day! Kat was very happy all day - good mood , lots of smiles! attention up and down throughout but Kat did really "tune-in" (w/ minimal prompting) (Amy H. was out to observe Kat) Kat did really good work today.

only(took 2 dimes for verbal stim) up in the afternoon.

have a good night!


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1/9/98 Friday

hr -

music -

Mrs. R.'s- Kat is completing Reading comprehension packets & doing really well! (some prompts for directions & attn to task)

lunch -

Mrs. R.'s - Kat is completing Reading comprehension packets & doing really well! (some prompts for directions & attn to task)

Kat really enjoyed herself today! Very interested & happy , smiled alot , extremely talkative & responsive (alot of spontaneous utterances!)

Have a great weekend !

See you Monday at clinic!


* Monday January 12th will be a half - day 1:35 dismissal

* health test Monday, January 26th

* Science Test Wednesday, January 14th

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Hi, This was a neat weekend for Kat. On Friday I saw Kat looking at a "First Encyclopedia" She was reading a section related to the solar system, which is the topic that she's going over in science. She also did that in a discovery museum on Saturday. See you tonight!



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I am here today for Melissa because she will be in on Friday for Linda. Kat had her journal out when I got here but she was paging through her Social Studies book.

In P.E. they picked team mascots, names and strengths and made team posters so that they can prepare forthe winter carnival. Kat chose some of the exercisesand cutand pasted.

Kat went to the library and returned the fish book.She chose a new book. She used the browsing stick with only a few prompts , sometimes independently. The class checked the take home quizzes. I don't know how much help she got, but she did pretty good (82%). Then the class worked on the review on page 200 and 201. They wrote out the science words section and recallingfacts section. Whatever she doesn't finish is for homeowrk. Kat finished the work while the class played a game. After she was finished, she played too.

In TPE, they had cupcakes because it was C.'s birthday. Kat sang a little bit. Kat asked for another cupcake , but she did not get one. She asked for a tissue to wipe her hands from the student teacher, but she was not looking at her close enough.

In Mrs. R.'s room, she did a language paper on verbs . She did a little better than last time. Then, she did her spelling. She could not do synonym/antonym work.(I will try it again later if wehave time.) then, she did another language activity on verbs. Again, she did okay.

In music class, they made kazoos with toilet paper rolls and wax paper. Kat really liked that. She knew the tunes and played along fairly well. Kat really likes JohnPhillipSusa music. They will be playing different songs next week.

Kat did pretty well in math. They did division with remainders. Once she got through the first problem, the others went a lot faster. She did well on her other classwork.

See you later !



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January 14

Good Morning!

Kat is busily painting a small terra cotta sculpture of a Chinese man all by herself! I am giving verbal prompts for " too much paint " or " dab your brush " but she is doing the work on her own. Her biggest difficulty is getting the right amount of paint on the brush _ however she is learning that too much paint will run into another color. I've told Mrs D1. that our objective is to get Kat to do these projects onher own no matter what the outcome . Unfortunately we will not be able to start art class on Friday since Mrs. D1. said that she will not be here. So we'll go to music ( since I will be here ) for the last time on Friday . Wow! She just finished her project and said " That was fun! " She needs to learn and use more of these catchphrases _ and be rewarded greatly when she uses them spontaneously.

As I sit here watching her color, I am struck by how happy she is. School is such a big motivator that I think it is probably the best opportunity we have to keep her learning at her optimal level and conversing / using language. Let's continue to brainstorm as to how we can best utilize her time here .

We've now moved to Mrs. R.'s class and Kat is writing in her journal what she did in art. I've noticed that she is writing in terms of syntax. Mrs. R. just handed me a beautiful photo of Bridget in the paper! They are doing current events and sheThought Kat could do a short one on Bridget. What a good idea - she certainly can write about her sister - and she was there. Another golden opportunity !

Mrs. R. has begunreading and just showed me a test that Kat took. The first two parts , she reached criterion ( 6/8 correct) and Mrs. R. told me she had learned this info the previous 2 days. She will take the comprehension portion today. We'll send home the results ASAP.

She was not paying attention during reading so I moved closer, got her attention and she focused on questions Mrs. R. was asking. With The exception of those she could not understand , she did well. She asked some short " uh " questions from a paragraph in front of them. Kat would find the answer and correctly give it to her. Maybe this verbal to visual ( ask quest. and she finds it in the paragraph) Should beone of our first steps in fostering reading comprehension. Ask a simple "wh" question in a longerparagraph and let her find the answer if she does not know it. ( ex. Where do aardvarks live? What color is the aardvark? )

Looked in Kat's homework folder and discovered quite abit of unfinished homework. I will leave it in there for tonight as it was probably a very busy night. If she doesn't have time to finish it all tonight, just have her do what she can. Her science test is today so don't worry about that one.

She is using script now in spelling workbook exercises. It is not always correct formbut I don't want to correct too much while she is doing another task. Overall, it looks pretty good. We should try another subject soon. In the afternoon, Kat had speech w/ Mrs. R1. and did very well finding the names of persons, places and things in a book. At one point she got very silly and started missing directions. Had her raise her hand and made her ask Mrs. R1. for the directions. If she misses directions , we should not repeat them but make her responsible for finding what she missed. ( She does not like this ! )

A short math class ( 15 min. ) and then on to the science test. It is very difficult - all short answer and no multiple choice. I am having her read the question , then I read the question and try to voice emphasize The important part of thequest. The test is in her homework folder - she really did try her best to answer what she understood.

We finished up the journal and some science papers given to her this morning as fun work , and then the class finished upTheday with TPE. I won't be here tomorrow but will be on Friday. Hope you are all well!


* Kat needs to buy a lunch ticket. She went to look for hers today , turned to me and said - " It's gone " !


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A check for the cafeteria is enclosed in her purse with the dimes. Also, could you please give us the name of who sits next to Kat in Mrs. R.'s class. Thanks!!!

* Ke.


HR - Good morning! When I arrived this morning Kat was singing the national anthem! Her journal was out but she was looking through her social studies book, I prompted her to write about what she did last night & what she will do today - she said " where " & reached for the bookto look at her " school schedule " she looked then said " okay ". She only wrote something about P.E. . . . then went back to her Social Studies book.

P.E. - today, the class is tracing & coloring the 'mascot' they choose for their team! -(it was a majority vote for the mascot) Kat chose a fluffy dog but the 'alien' won - by a few more votes than Kat's dog. The team is now deciding on a name for their alien! (& their team! ) Kat's classmates are prompting her through the activity! They are being very supportive & encouraging! Kat is cutting & pasting beautifully - putting together her team's exercise routine! She is really responsive to her class/teammates following directions & smiling - they are really reinforcing her! The really great thing is her team is asking for Kat's ' input ' & asking her to make decisions - Kat is choosing which exercises she wants her team to do! Awesome Kat!

* Ka. & T. were especially supportive!

S.S. - Class went over a science worksheet entitled "Men in Space", then a classmate read a news story to the class. (prompts for attn!) They are now reading from Chapter 10 in S.S. book " Americans & transportation " - Kat is following along w/ few prompts for attn. For homework Kat has a packet on Chapter 10. The homework is due tomorrow & will be graded!

Mrs. R. - Story in Reading - Awful Aardvark. Kat & I & class listened to a tape & read along w/ the story , Kat really enjoyed listening to the story _ she laughed appropriately! her reading group (cats) is doing a group project , Kat's job is to read the questions to her group!

Kat is now working on her Language - she is learning about linking verbs /action verbs. Kat copied 5 sentences & had to circle & identify the verb & whether it is a linking or action verb - she did pretty good! Needed initial prompting but she did " get the hang " of it! Kat just did one of the sentences on the board & picked the right verb & identified it an as action verb correctly! - Awesome Kat!

* Now Kat is taking her spelling pretest - I have no doubts that she will do great! I told her to study her words & gave her a quiz before her pretest, she got every word correct , even the bonus words! " way to goKat!"

great! Kat got another perfect score on her spelling! 108% ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Asked her how she felt? she replied "I feel happy!"

Lunch - Da. greeted Kat , Kat did say " hello"! Da. prompted Kat to talk to her throughout lunch . . . Kat was fairly responsive to Da.'s attempts at conversation. after lunch we joined Da. to the " booknest " ! Kat wandered around very interested - looking at & picking up variety of books, a girl who works at the "nest" approached Kat & asked her " what books do you like Kat?" Kat can I help you find a book?" Kat said the girl's name and walked away , the girl waited while I called Kat back w/ a prompt to look at the girl Kat then said "hi" - girl's name & smiled even w/ further prompting. Kat did not answer the question - but Kat did know the girl & called her by name! good! Kat atlast chose a book & seemed quite happy w/ her choice!

Mrs. R. - Social Studies w/ Mrs. B1. - Kat is reading about Indian tribes & buffalo (prompt for attn) - She read very nicely! (verbal stim) (3x taken for verbal) Kat is very silly this afternoon! very " ancy" (to quote Mrs. B1.) Kat is weaving a rug w/ a shoebox & different color yarns (alot of prompts!) to initiate & continue

- Math w/ Mrs. B1. - Kat is doing her 'times tables' - great job Kat! Kat is coloring a multiplication worksheet ' by number ' ( still very silly! ) ---> (Kat had a little trouble switiching activites; told Mrs. B1. " No " when told to finish her worksheet later & turn to page 281.) Kat is doing division now _____

* Overall - a good day, Kat was in a great mood all day! She did some very good work despite her silliness in the late afternoon.

Oh, Melissa will be here tomorrow (1/16) w/ Kat to ' cover ' me, I have " crisis training " at Bancroft tomorrow !

- Have a great night & a wonderful weekend! See you at clinic on 1/26 & I'll see Kat next thursday!


* Danuta -

Talked with Da. at lunch. She is returning Kat's sega game. She told her she would like to play with Kat again very soon. She loves the photo of the new dog. Had a nice conversation w/ Kat at lunch using it as a stimulus (Ask her to describe Meesha)


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1/16 Hi, Kat's new puppy named Meesha.


Good morning! Your new puppy is beautiful. What breed is she? Does Jenny like her? How does Kat like her? I can't wait to meet her!

Went directly to our last Friday music class. They are making kazoos again _ a repeat of Tuesday's lesson. Kat is having trouble paying attention but it is understandable. The kids are making a lot of noise - and using the kazoos before they are supposed to. Kat is picking up on the mischievous mood! ( which is not a bad thing ! ) She made the kazoo on her own and is delighted with it. She is quite excited because she knows what they are going to do it with it. Right now she is following The musical score which Mrs. Ma. is going over. I'm glad we had this last extra music class because it is one of the best she has had all year. I explained to the teacher that since she has had 2 music periods The first half of the year, she would switch to 2 art periods for the 2nd half of the year. She was very amenable to that.

In Mrs. R.'s room, Kat had some seatwork to do. She needed help to get started today - I think because she just wanted to look at her reading book. This is one of her favorite leisure activities. When I took thebook away she said " Give it to me, it's mine ! " Pretty good , huh? Iwas very firm and insistent that she take out her assignments and complete them before any free time. She understands that this is part of the daily routine - and soon, no prompts for this should be given. If she does not self start, then we consequate somehow . (as a normal teacher would do.)

Reading group went well. Kat paid attention to Mrs. R. and answered her questions quite well. She also has the hang of the " copy and correction " procedure which she puts on the board for almost every lesson.

On to computer where Kat did a group lesson on linking verbs. In situations like this she has trouble getting the directions. Mrs. B1. had to help her find the correct sequence. There were a lot of steps so maybe my expectations were too high in this case.

To finish up the morning, she had a few minutes to write in her journal. This is becoming an important process since it helps accomplish several things (i.e. practice of past/future tenses , syntax , articles, review of activities, etc.) It will be in her backpack if you want her to continue to do it over the weekend. She can write about anything and/or do this at downtime in therapy. We discussed it at one clinic when you were not there. Speaking of clinic - I think it is probably cancelled on Monday since there is no school and it is a national holiday. Guess we have to hold everything for another week.

At lunch they stayed inside for recess and everyone went to the gym. I stayed back and watched to see what Kat would do. She moved to 3 different activities and groups of kids. (the monkey bars, jump rope and the " skip it " - this one is hard for her but she tried . )

After lunch, Kat went to Mrs. R.'s room for an hour of math . She took a quiz with multiplicationand long division problems - of course, she got 100% on all of them. Now she is doing something a bit more challenging - 2 digits with adding 3 numbers in a column. At times, she has to write a problem separately to add all the numbers _ and carry them correctly.

Went back to Mrs. D.'s class to finish up with social studies. Kat followed along during the group reading. Candy was given out as a treat and this was a big distraction - but Kat continued and ate hers after they were done. She does a pretty good job of following independently now .

There is no homework in any subject this weekend so have fun! Hope you can all get some much needed rest and relaxation.



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1/20/98 Hi Tom!

Kat is just fine this morning. Began with P.E. and wintercarnivalfun. She has to participate in groups doing certain physical activities ( e.g.stretching ,jumping rope) I've noticed with more strenuous exercises she is quite lethargic unless you prompt her and get her to try harder. She is quite capable of doing them all so we need to do more cheerleading for her at school. She responds well when you do encourage her to do more or give more.

Between P.E. and Science we have about 10 minutes. Kat did so well in her P.E. races after the exercise that I let her get a library book. Mrs. Ro. told me she had one out called "How Dogs Work." Ican't find it at school - does she have it at hone? She took out "Favorite Fairy Tales" which is in her backpack.

They're going to do Social Studies instead of science new. They are on Chap. 10 and Mrs. D. is shooting for this Friday to give the test on the chapter. Will keep you informed. Yes, they are on Lesson 3 right now of Chap. 10. Kat is paying attention beautifully. She just found her place (without prompts) and read aloud one paragraph perfectly. The class clapped! Also - tonight's homework is in the workbook - pg. 64 which will be graded. They have been asked to take out the Chap. 10. packet (it was homework given last week) but I can't find it anywhere. I have left another one in her homework folder. She needs to complete this before the test on Friday.

We transitioned to Mrs. R.'s room where they are studying forms of the verb " to be " both past and present. She completed one worksheet with a few mistakes - bit they just begun this, so she did quite well .

Now she is beginning work on some reading comprehension which Mrs. R. and I have found for her. It is quite simple at the start but becomes progressively more difficult. she must reade short passages to answer questions which are part of the lesson. I am keeping all her work and will show it to you when she is finished thefirst book.

Wow! Kat just found apiece of candy in her desk. She turned to me and said (verbatim) " Can I have this candy? " She got a definite " yes " to that question! Then ,as we were finishing up before lunch , she said " I am hungry ! " This is wonderful. She has one pg of language homework and her spelling packet for Friday .

At lunch, Kat played outside with Da., even though it was cold and smowy. She was so cold at one point That she looked at me and said " It's freezing! "

i brought a ' koosh ball ' to school today so we could try something different , so we had a game of catch with it. When someone caught the ball, I had Kat repeat "Good catch ." She began to do this spontaneously later. She also said " Shivering hands ! " When she got colder.

Music was right after lunch. They played on the kazoos again which they made last week. Kat loves This. when Miss M. asks for volunteers to play in front of the class, Kat is always eager to do so.

To finish up the day, we returned to Mrs. R.'s room and Kat watched a little bit of a filmstrip on the Native American. This a topic they are studying for their social, studies lessons. She then began her math lesson by zipping through 3 papers on multiplication and division ( 100% on all ) . They are in her homework folder. During the lesson she had to copy some problems with decimals and dollar signs . She had a problem with these because she is not lining up her numbers correctly.

EX $ 2 . 45

+ __.75___

She must also learn to bring down the decimal pt. and the dollar sign. Overall, she had an excellent day and really said some wonderful things. Seeyoutomorrow!


* Her journal entry, for Monday was terrific !

* PS. No science yet as test was last week on Chap. 10. Concentrating on SS this week .

Hi Melissa,

I have finally enclosed the videotape for your viewing. The contrast of how long she can work for and how limiting therapy at this point is there. Please let me know what you think soon as you watch it.


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Hi Danuta! 1/21/98

Thanks for enclosing the videotape. I will watch it at home and then get back to you. In regards to how long Kat can work, I'm amazed at her ability to stay with the program at school now. When you think that she works from 8:00 to 12:30 ( 4 1/2 hrs! ) every morning with very few breaks, it speaks volumes about her potential to work for long periods of time and maintain adequate attention.

First thing this morning we had art and Kat lined up independently. She has learned the morning routineso well that at times she is far ahead of the other kids in terms of preparation for transition. I am convinced that we must continue to speak to her in as natural a fashion as possible and , ifshe is not responding or giving us proper attention when we speak, we must demand it. For example, Mrs. De. was giving her instructions this AM and Kat was paying no attention whatsoever. Instead of just taking a dime away, I made her look at her , repeat what she said and then do it. It was great because I acted just like a teacher who was trying to get a student to pay attention to directions. In many ways, Kat responds better to this approach then cost response. Mrs. De. was hesitant but asked me if Kat could collect the gold pens from each table. I said ' sure, she can ' and told her what to do. At first, she started to play with the pen so I was firm and showed her what to do. She tried once more to play with it so I took it away, put it in the box and gave her point prompts but she did it ! - and when she got back she got a quarter .

Mrs. R.'s reading group is small today ( 2 girls ) and she has to pay closer attention with a smaller group. She now does the board sentence corrections much better and recognizes for the most part what needs to be done ( capitals , plurals , verb tenses , punctuation ) Rightnow, Mrs. R. is asking questions about a new short story about armadillos. They are picking out information from the pictures and Kat is practicing ( with my H. O. H. help) using her hand to answer. She still cannot do This independently and it really is a skill we need to work on .

Danuta, I just went to Kat's backpack to get the video but I can't find it anywhere. I asked Mrs. D. if she had seen it first thing this morning and she said no- only saw Kat with the book. Did you forget to pack it in her bag by any chance ?

Yesterday I got times from Mrs. B. when we could skip into the gym for a few minutes of exercise for Kat. Just took her in between reading and seatwork for five minutes - she was so happy. She jogged around the gym 3X and then jump rope. She went back to her seat , got out her spelling book and finished her assignment beautifully.

We returned to the classroom for language lessons in which they played a game. It involved a lot of listening which is always difficult for Kat. However, during the game , Irealized she has forgotten nouns and verbs - so we reviewed them - and the how forms of the verb to be. This language work is just like maintenance - it needs to be reviewed.

After lunch, Kat had speech for 1/2 hour ( another lesson on nouns &verbs ) with the speech teacher. Then there was a short party for a boy in Mrs. R.'s room. Kat enjoyed the chocolate cupcake, popcorn, and cola drink! We finished the day in Mrs. D.'s doing Social Studies. Kat did not complete her homework in her workbook ( pg 64 ) so I had her complete it while they were correcting them in class . Remember, Friday is the SS. test .

Kat was quite restless during SS. She kept looking at the clock. She also began a fake cough. She has her homework in SS tonight which is to answer an essay in her green notebook. It is quite difficult so she will need some guidance. Will be in touch.



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We will focus on SS flashcards tonight in preparation for the test tomorrow. Please review to see if we're on most important topics.




Good morning , when I arrived Kat was paging through her S.S. book - her journal was open but all that was written was today's date, she greeted me but I had to prompt for eye contact.

P.E. - * - Still " Winter Carnival "! Wow! Kat did something she has NEVER done before, she approached Mrs. B. & tried to ask her a question - All on her own ! ! ! ! ! ! (Mrs. B. instructed the class to get their ' sheet ' then go to their group.) Kat was paying better attn then her group, they wandered off & Kat " shyly " approached Mrs. B. & hovered by her. * Mrs. B. came over to me very surprised & told me that Kat has never done that before , she came up to me & ' mumbled ' something about a sheet!, she's never approached me ever - First time! " AWESOME Kat, she really was listening & showed alot of initiative ! Kat really did well with the various activities with her team ! I showed her how to " dribble " a basketball , but all the rest of the aerobic exercises & activities she took cues from her teammates ! Ka. was really great w/ Kat - she prompted her through some of the more chalenging activities. Kat especially enjoyed the " ice skating " activity (" two lamentated squares of paper slide beneath her feet ) , she really did great w/ "winter carnival"! She laughed when it was her turn to be pushed on the " bobsled " ( scooter ); good day in P.E.!

SS - The class is reviewing the Chapter 10 packet - Kat is looking & paying attn to Mrs. D. w/ prompting , she is a little restless , biting fingernails , silly , looking at the clock . I reminded her about her TEST tomorrow & told her she should listen and pay attn ! Kat did ' focus ' after that & attended to Mrs. D. (w/o prompts). She is now completing an activity in her textbook ( p. 248 ) -I restated instructions for Kat ( needed prompting to stay on task) but she is doing really well w/ it! ( 3 out of 5 correct)

* Study - Notes / packet /highlighted words in chapter

Mrs. R. -

Lunch/recess - alot of spontaneous responses; Da. prompted conversation (concerning food, " what movie? ") I ' got ' some conversation on the playground w/Kat (Da. had to work at the "Book Nest")

S.S. - w/ Mrs. B1. - Kat is learning about the Native Americans. *She is very inattentive, silly, restless, & fidgety this afternoon , she needs continuous prompting to look at her teachers , attention is down - she is unable to stay on task at all w/o prompting , took another dime (verbal is up) ( would not follow along in her book at all despite prompts -her attn keeps wandering )

- hopefully math will draw her attention ! & " pull " her back. As always -

Math is Kat's subject! her attn is so much better! She is knocking out her math worksheets at record speed ! She really enjoys her Multiplication & division!

* Oh - *S.S. flashcards look good ! you ' hit ' alot of what Mrs. D. - reviewed today for the test - in addition , target all notes , Chapter 10 packet , & highlighted vocabulary throughout chapter 10

Kat is really doing great now ! as it nears 3pm Kat is playing " Multiplication quizmo " !

have a great night !

take care.



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1/23 Studied for S.S. test today by reviewing note cards. Some difficulty with about 25% of cards. We will review before school this morning.


1/23 Great morning! my first day in Art w/ Kat! She was awesome in art class! She very INDEPENDENTLY painted her " Terraconda Warrior " choosing all her own colors & she painted beautifully ! She was so creative - chose blue for the warrior's eyes ! She worked very independently & intensely ( dipping her brush in paint & water & dabbing appropriately!) * Kat was always " lost in the shuffle " in music - but in Art , she really shines! & the teacher is very attentive to Kat ( prompts & includes her ! ) I am so impressed , I've never seen Kat in Art before -she is so happy & relaxed! She was so careful too, paying attn to details painting around the eyes! (I only prompt her w/ "choose a color Kat ! " / "what color next ?") She got a little uncomfortable whe her hands got a little covered in paint & said " I want to rinse the hands ..... I want to wash the hands " I said " it's okay Kat , you can wash your hands when you're finished painting your warrior " - & she was fine & continued w/ her art ! Her warrior turned out great ! after she washed her hands & colored some chinese flowers w/ markers & then asked for a pencil & drew a picture w/ just an initial prompt from me "draw a pictureKat ! " *She did a really neat thing w/ her drawing ( she drew herself & another girl , teddy bear & a computer , etc! ) *Art was definitely a better choice forKat ( than music )! then she wrote a story /narration of her picture all completely independently. Awesome! Kat then very dramatically took my hand & looked at me then she recited very excitedly what she wrote & described her picture ! I was blown away - Kat is so creative & happy in Art, it's nice to see her work so INDEPENDENTLY & enjoying herself! (for 5 stars)

Mrs. R. - Kat got to pick out a prize & Mrs. R. had Dunkin Donuts for everyone! Kat did really great in reading, she enjoyed the story about the armadillo ( w/ real-life photos! ) She read very well ( prompts for volume) & answered questions from the story w/ prompts from Mrs. R.! good attn !* Still needs prompting to look at her teachers when they are speaking to her.

*(HR note)

Oh , this morning when I arrived to HR Kat asked me very sweetly to "fix the hair" - her barrettes had fallen & she knew exactly how she wanted them to be! She touched my hands to her hair & " directed " me where she wanted the barrettes ! AwesomeKat! She was pleased w/ her hair & very nicely said "Thank you L."

Kat is working quietly at her desk now - doing her seatwork (Math , language & a craft project (coloring) )

*w/ initial prompt to look at her " Daily Seatwork " agenda Kat correctly identified her next assignment & started working independently. Kat did such a nice job completing her seat work that Mrs. R. gave her time to work/play on the computer!

Lunch/recess - * Oh - I wish you could've seen Kat during indoor recess today! She was laughing & playing - GENUINELY interacting w/ Da.! Initially she shyly jumped rope alone - then Da. joined her! Kat smiled & jumped rope beside Da. -then independently changed activities w/o Da. she chose to join the line to play on the ' monkey bars ' ! Such initiative ! The Gym was total chaos too! too loud to hear yourself think , kids running & riding scooters , screaming -" craziness! " Kat (unlike in the past when I've seen her ) she was NOT at all intimidated by the noise or chaos ! *She really seems captivated by the kids screaming & laughing riding the scooters - and I could not hear what she was saying but she began talking to a girl on a scooter ! I did not know the girl (I am not sure Kat did either!) I think she wanted the girl's scooter! ! !

- she was really " hovering " around this girl & looking at her & talking ! I wish I could've heard what Kat was saying !

* Da. came over & I asked Kat if she would like Da. to push her on the scooter - kat was soo happy !

* Da. came over & I asked Kat if she would like Da. to push her on the scooter; she laughed & said "yes" ! The two of them were so funny together - Da. would try to push Kat & Kat would "tip over " falling off the scooter, they were both laughing & Kat would clink back on the scooters ! Kat was really laughing ! Then Kat pushed Da. on the scooter ! It was such a real exchange between them - Kat was running & laughing as she pushed Da. on the scooter! It was truly a joy to watch! Kat really blended in - just another wonderful part of the noise & chaos - one of the crowd - It was sooo awesome! Wish you could've seen her!

Mrs. R. - Math - Kat " wizzed " through all her math worksheets , Mrs. B1. could barely " keep up " w/ her! She is alot more " with it" today ! *( lots of prompts still for eye contact, verbal stim did increase in the afternoon (took a dime) ) .

SS - I asked Kat if she is ready for her test on chapter 10? She said " yes ! " & looked right at me & smiled! " GOOD LUCK Kat ! " (*SS test independently - just went over & restated some of the directions for her ... then I let her do the test on her own) Kat seems to be struggling a bit w/ the test (cried when she couldn't get an answer) Stopped w/ a " NO " -She is really TRYING tho! Overall , a great day ! Less silliness & inattention , alot more focused & " in tune " with ' what's going on in' class ! Verbal stim was high at times today but aside from taking some dimes for that - Kat did good work & was very social & responsive !

* I see a lot more kids now interacting & saying " hello " to Kat in the halls , classes , etc! Kat has been pretty responsive - she says " hi " w/o prompts & greets w/ the person's name alot of the time! ( as I mentioned, she still needs prompting for eye contact) or (chin-lift) ("lookat ... ")

* Kat is really doing her best on her test , taking her time w/it ! (I only intervene if she struggles w/ directions)

hey - have a great weekend! I'll see you at clinic !


" awesome day , alot of exciting things ! "

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1/26 Hi Amy ,

I've enclosed the additional invitations . If you couuls please give them out ( have Kat give them out ) to the girls .

I think this book a lot. No one was realy taking notes anywhere else except the general notes so I'll leave more of those you can look back at.

Kat had an uneventful weekend . We rented a movie " Buddy " you could ask her about it.

See you at Clinic


PS Could you write down which chapter/pg they are on in science & social studies .

1/26 Hi Danuta,

In science, they are on chapter 11 - - constellations. They read p. 202 - 207 during class. There is homework. It's written in the HW section.

Now Kat is taking a health test. It is fill in the blank and true/false. I only prompted her to do the test and praised her for trying. She was struggling a lot. She did not do very well, but I didn't want to prompt her too much. We went over the test afterwards. She got very agitated.

In reading with Mrs. H., they are still learning about the volcano , Mt. Vesuvius. Kat has been wiggly all morning. She talked loud and made silly noises at inappropriate times many times already. Once Mrs. H. started reading , Kat started paying attention. She sat still for most of the story.

The topic in language is verbs - particularly linking verbs. Mrs. R. moved on to the present tense. Mrs. R. gave them examples and lectured for a few minutes. Then, they were given a sentence and they had to put in a present tense verb. Kat had trouble chosing the right word.

In spelling , Kat had to write in the words that rhymed with other given words. She was doing fine for more than half of it and then she stopped. I had to prompt her through to the end. Then , she did her language seatwork . She did very well at that ,so I gave her the last 5 minutes before lunch to read.

Kat had S.S. after lunch. the topic is the Native Americans of middle+ southern America. They read in the textbook . Kat was really jumpy. She needed a lot of prompts to pay attention to Mrs. B1. and to follow along in the book.

Then, Kat did her math seatwork. It was 3 digit subtraction. She had trouble with it. Mrs. B1. started w/ 2 digit and she did okay. Then, she moved on to 3 digit and she did better. They spent the rest of the classtime working on problems in their notebooks and on the board.

See you tonight!


P.S. please send in her journal tomorrow if it is at home. I didn't see it.

* Kat handed out the invites, but R. will not be in this week, so Kat put it in her desk.

* On Tuesday, February 3rd, they will have early dismissal.

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1/27 Hi Amy,

I enclosed the little red purse for the dimes. We used it last night. she did all her homework in science & the folder .




Kat did not have P.E. today because the gym was in use. We went to the computer lab instead. She worked on a touch typing program. She practiced and then played the typing games. When her time was up, the teacher gave her instructions to close out the program. Kat needed not prompts from me to attend to the directions!

We went to the library because science has been delayed for 15 minutes. She looked at folk stories and fairy tales. She chose a Rapunzel book. Then, we went back to Mrs. R.'s room and had reading for 10 minutes. Kat did okay with fixing errors in sentences after she got the hang of it.

In science, they checked over their homework. They will be having a quiz tomorrow on rotation and reduction (See note <-----). Then, they read section 11:2. Kat had to go to language, so she missed reading that part.

In language, Ms. L. taught the entire class about past tense. They got objects and chose verbs to act out with their objects. Kat chose one and acted it out. She was smiling and paying attention fairly well.

A funny note - - Kat wrote in her journal before science and she was writing in cursive. Then, when she wrote in her science notebook in cursive.

Kat did well on her spelling seatwork. I told her she could have a cookie when she was 1/2 way done. She finished up very quickly, told me she was done and asked for a cookie. Then, she did the same thing for the 2nd 1/2 even though I did not promise her a cookie.

After spelling, she went right into language. She is good identify what she needs to do, but she needs prompting to actually get started. Kat did her language after spelling. It was on present tense verbs. She wrote that in cursive as well. I think that she writes faster in cursive now.

On the playground,I said, "I'm going camping and I am bringing . . . " Kat would respond by saying , "I am bringing . . . " She did many exchanges with me. I was impressed by her answers. She only required a bit of prompting.

In music, they learned about Chants. First, they listened to Gregorian Chant and then they listened to a "modern " chant. At the end of class, they played "scrambled eggs" which is when a kid has to figure out who is missing and the other kids change seats to confuse him/her. Kat had fun switching seats and being a part of the chaos.

Kat sat and copied notes from Mrs. D.'s book because she did have time to copy them on the board. I sent her notebook home with her. She needs to study II 1 & 2 and III 1, 2, &3. she doesn't need to know #4 for the quiz tomorrow.

Kat had math when we got back. They were doing word problems. There is a worksheet for homework. I included her seatwork that she didn't get to in case she has some free time later. We will work on her journal when we get home.

See you later !



Danuta asked me to tell you that she really wants you at the meeting so she would like to change it to a time when you are free. By the way, sorry about not having a replacement sign in sheet. It totally slipped my mind!


* No problem about the sign-in sheet. Imodified it to include theuse ofthe week. I'll try to reach A.H.S. concerning the meeting. Thanks for the note,


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Good morning !

Kat, Mrs. D. and I had a good conversation first thing today . Whenever she has the time , she tries to engage Kat in some conversation . Kat really loves this as Mrs. D. always smiles at her , laughs with her and makes it fun . Ineeded to prompt for eye contact but not for affect - plenty of that today.

Off to art to make paper masks. Although there was a substitute teacher, Kat did a very good job of paying attention . She had to look at several different types of masks ( Chinese , Indian) and decide which one she wanted to make . The decision part had to be prompted but once she chose , she got right to work drawing the mask and did include all the details. She begun to color it but class ended so she can finish on Friday . Art is an excellent class to practice following specific directions after listening for them . It becomes evident quickly whether Kat was paying attention and understanding what was said .

Now in Mrs. R.'s class for reading. They are beginning a story on dinosaurs. She is being asked to participatein discussion. I have made a note in the back for next week's clinic that Kat should now be actively participating in all class discussion . She will not raise her hand unless we prompt her at this point but unless we continue to do this , she will never learn to participate independently . Again , this is a situation where we have to jump in - andreward her only for participation.

Speech was early today (11:15 - 11:45 ). They are still reviewing nouns / verbs but did so in game form this week . She is quite bored during speech as her understanding of the content is limited and the format is flat .

At lunch, Kat did not have a ticket so I made her talk through the problem. the hardest part was " Who gives the lunch tickets ? " She could not respond to the ' who ' - however, being the meany that I am , I would not let her go until she could tell me who to see about the problem and ask her for the help . When she wants to eat , this is a great motivator to use the language to seek help. ( Theticket was lost somehow so M. gave her a new one . )

* Science - Read pgs. up to 219 Unit 5

Test Friday !

After lunch , Kat finished up some reading comprehension work - The first "extra" book that we have given her to do . She will now move on to the next level as overall, her errors were few. She had a few minutes of math before we had to moveon to Science .

She did write spontaneously in script today. I was amazed - it was not spelling but reading. She is learning to like this which is great .

The science quiz was very difficult for Kat. - only 10 questions and Kat had to write the answers only . The descriptions involved a lot of language. I prompted her on the ones I knew , she knew , giving her a question that I thought she could recognize. She was able to 4 of these with some prompting .

There is some science homework and they are now reading Unit 5 , up to pg . 219 in the chapter . Lesson Review pg 214 in the homework and there is a science test on Friday. Talk w/ you soon !


* test tomorrow Chapter 11

* constellations will be on the test! *

* no S.S. w/ Mrs. D. today - (did Science in place of P.E. & S.S.)*


She had difficulty with adding 3 numbers . She need prompting on all of these. Word problems also needed much prompting. If you have a free moment today, could you please review science flashcards with Kat.


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* ? " where is the red purse for dimes ? "

Good morning! I got a really nice greeting w/ a smile! We are working on Science,(there is something going on in the gymnasium). Mrs. D. has the class copying notes from the board about constellations . Kat began copying notes w/ an initial prompting from Mrs. D. , Kat has finished the notes & is now attending nicely to Mrs. D.!

* I cannot find the red purse for the dimes so I will let Kat know she is doing well & tell her she will get a dime " later " & slip her money in the halls between classes.*

the class reviewed for the test & now Kat is making her very own constellation! - ( black construction paper , " stick on " stars & chalk) Kat did awesome , needed very few prompts for directions , she sprinkled her own stars (I helped her only w. remembering where they fell) then she connected her stars ! (w/ chalk) " what she saw in the stars ? " ..." if she saw a picture of an animal, ... ? " so she could 'name' her constellation - Kat w/o any prompts called her constellation "Silly Little Wing" & wrote it on her paper! Mrs. D. was very impressed & let Kat choose where on the wall she wanted to hang her constellation! ( we had a fire drill - Kat reacted quickly! ) Mrs. R.'s - Kat really writes beautifully in cursive! She is working on her seatwork , she needed initial prompting to look at her "Daily Seatwork" schedule - then if I asked her " what was next to do " she could tell me but needed prompting to get started. She is in a very good mood today , happy & smiling - alot of silliness though !

Miss L. is teaching Language today - present past & future , Kat did an example at the board ( Try ) & did great w/o prompting ( earlier in the lesson & restated for Kat what you do for future tense (put 'will' before the word) & she got it! * very silly & restless - but is doing well on her Language worksheet got all the answers correct w/o prompting initially! * I prompted her to raise her hand when the class was going over the worksheet & she gave correct answers everytime Mrs. L. called on her!

Kat was very fidgety & silly during Reading (alot of prompts to sit up straight in her chair & pay attn!) She did enjoy a video about dinosaurs.

Kat completed all of her seatwork & got feathers! *quizzed her on Science flashcards before lunch. Kat was very talkative during lunch - she asked Da. if she could have some of her " fruit gushers " snacks! Da. traded some " gushers " for a piece of Kat's soft pretzel. Da. had to work at the "Booknest" today so I engaged Kat in conversation on the playground, I asked her to tell me about the movie "Buddy " (that I read in the notes) that she watched over the weekend - I got alot of novel responses & Kat gave me quite a few details ! about the monkey and the movie! I also quizzed Kat on some of her science flashcards , I made it like a game -she got a dimefor every right answer! She got about 6 out of 10 (asked) questions correct.

* Oh, " silly me " I discovered the red purse during recess! ( it was tucked deep inside the front flap of the book - THE ONE place I didn't check! I forgot there was even a packet there or I would've looked - "sorry! " * When Kat got off the swings , I had her take all the dimes I had given her out of her pocket & put them in the red purse. (between classes (halls) ) She understood and smiled. I wanted to make sure that she understood that I was NOT taking them away from her!

S.S. - w/ Mrs. B. - we read about the Aztecs , Maya & the Incas Indians(p. 106 - 109); - very wiggly & silly (had to take a dime for "singing"/mumbling) <prompts for volume when she read prompts for eye contact when Mrs. B. was asking her questions / talking toher ( & to follow along in book ) >

Math (w/ Mrs. B.) - much calmer, attn ^, less prompting. Oh, because Kat is sogreat in Math- she was chosen to go to *enrichment w/ Mrs. J.C. (along w/ Ro., K., & K2)!

* ENRICHMENT - Kat is learning about mummies & pyramids ! * w/ some prompting from Mrs. C. Kat is now making a pyramid of her own! (out of manila paper, markers, scissors , ruler & color pencils) Kat cut & decorated her pyramid all on her own w/ a design of her choice! & Mrs. C. made little mummies & coffins for the kids to put in their pyramids ! Kat is really having alot of fun (some verbal stimming) but Kat is being very creative & working nicely !

Have a great night !


( * red purse is in front flap ) - "was not sure if I was to give it to Kat ? "

1/29 I'll ask at clinic what to do w/ purse at end of the day - I think it would make sense to give itto her to keep in her pocket until she starts therapy. Then we can sit it at the desk w/ us. I'm not sure. Let's do this on Friday. Have her hold it at the end of the day. Its very reinforcing.


thanks J.,

*that's what I was thinking too - but I couldn't remember what was said at clinic; *just wanted to be sure . I will give Kat the ' red purse ' before I leave today! Thanks J.

- have a great weekend!


* tuesday 2/3/98 is a half - day *


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HR - Good morning, I got half-hearted greeting this morning, had to prompt *eye contact w/ a smile.

Art - Kat made her very own Chinese opera mask! Lots of prompts to stay on task, verbal stim was way up! (- especially while coloring her mask) She chose red paper for the face & was quite creative with her design of her choice of colors! She just needed prompts to stay "w/it" , but the creation was all her own! She said "I feel happy" 2x during art !

Mrs. R. - Kat is working on seatwork at her desk (on the way to Mrs. R.'s,Kat said " I feel happy " I asked her " why?" she replied - " I want the dime " - I then asked her " if she knew what she needed to do to get the dimes?" she said "yes" I told her " if she worked quietly & payed attn in Mrs. R.'s class & did *NOT silly talk she would get dimes," she said " okay " ! )

- still some verbl stim(had to take a dime). She is " zooming " through her seatwork this morning, already got 3 feathers! She is now reading quietly at her desk. after a short reading break, Kat finished her spelling lesson she did very well with the work itself but needed prompts to stay on task. She is very distracted today , *verbal stim is really bad today! Miss. L. reviewed present , past & future verbs. Kat did a few exercises at the board - got them all right! very few prompts to pay attn - good attn is back up. Kat then enjoyed a " verb board game " w/ her classmates - she laughed at the appropriate times & followed the game very nicely w/ prompting from her peers!

We have some free time so Iam quizzing her on her*science flashcards to get ready for the test later today! Kat is missing alot & getting resistant & frustrated - I asked her " if she wants to get a GOOD grade & do well on her test ? " she says " YES! " & smiles - I explain to her that I really want her to do well too & that's why we are doing this. She did relax a bit & attn was up. We are focusing on the one Kat got wrong , She is doing a lot better - a lot more on 1sts ! She is really "into it" now , getting excited when she gets the answers correct ! great Kat! ("I really hope she does well on her test today!) * Kat was very happy at lunch & recess, laughing - got alot of spontaneous utterances ("what movie?")

-back in Mrs R.- (Math w/ Mrs. B.) - Kat did an awesome job on her math test , Mrs. b. "checked" it & gave it back to Kat so she could " fix " the ones she got wrong & she did! Kat corrected her wrong problems all on her own completely "prompted." showing she really can do work problems if she takes HERtime! She got all the answers right w/o any help from me or Mrs. B. - Mrs. B. was surprised & asked me " if I had helped Kat w/ the corrections ??? " I told her " NO " - "Awesome work Kat! " She was the first one done!

Mrs. D.'s - * Science - Kat is starting off well she is skipping around answering the questions that she knows first! a good strategy! It is a difficult test , Kat is struggling w/ the second page , she is verbal stimming & acting silly , I gave her a firm " No " & restated the directions & some of the more difficult questions - she seems to be at a "standstill" at the moment ... I have ' restated ' many of the questions , she is missing ones that she knew earlier. -(I had to take adime , she is being extremely silly , faces & verbal laughing ) I've had to prompt her to stay on task w/ the science test , I know she has studied for this & I quizzed her yesterday & today so I have to ' let her go ' & do her best on her own - *all i can do is 'restate ' the questions to help her understand & prompt to focus! Sadly, I don't think it's going very well ... she is restless & struggling ( I did have her go back & look at page 1 because she missed questions tha tI know she knew & she did take her time & changed a few answers whhe I read the questions back to her. overall, a tough day for attn alot of verbal stimming & silliness. good mood all day just not focused

* told Kat " hey , I'll see you later have a good weekend! " she repeated as I was leaving I said "see you later Alligator!" smiling -----> she said "After while crocodile!" *cute!

- very silly & playful! I hope you all have a great weekend!

*see you at clinic!


* I gave Kat the ' red purse ' at the end of the day , she tried to get it in her pocket, put it in then said " No! " took it out & gave it back to me " No!" " I didn't want to lose it! " (Lose) " No " - " I don't want it! " " ?!? " She doesn't like the " feel " of the purse in her pocket?" *



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