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April 1997


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index








            Please talk to Mrs. Ro.  I would appreciate it if she would continue to let Kat borrow books.  The only way we will know if our intentions are working is if we can monitor if she colors or marks in the book again.


PS . Kat had a great vacation, she was tired though .  She saw, London , Paris , Stonehenge , Bathos castle in Leeds, etc .  She was tired and she wanted to go home about Wednesday .  She also saw “ Phantom of the Opera ” in London . 


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Melissa ~

            Kat completed painting her plaster clown in art.  She did a fine job applying the paint – only wish she could had been able to do the plaster part but E. said she completely refused.  She doesn’t like getting her fingers all wet and yucky I guess.

            She is very happy and although she kept repeating “No ST, no singing, no posing” in art, she has only said it one time since.  I have checked with everyone and no on is prompting her to say this – she has come up with it on her own!  I don’t see it as a major problem – I really feel it is replacing the stims and will disappear eventually.

            Read about the library book situation.  This we can address with M1. next clinic since it is an issue in library and Kat is not making the discrimination yet between home books and school books.

            Participating beautifully in math now.  She was at first turning to me for assistance but Mrs. R. kept talking to her and rewarding her for attention.  She is now focused on the small group. 

            Although it is not  in the correct curriculum for Kat now, I would like to see her be able to read numbers in the thousands.  It is a skill that keeps popping up, not only in math but in other subjects when she must read a larger number than 100. 

            Scoliosis screening – talked with Mrs. Ma. after I spoke to you.  She said it is required by law and she needs a note from Kat’s physician to say she has been screened.  If this is a hassle, I can take her for a quick screening next week.  Just let mw know what you’d like to do.

            Haven’t had a chance to talk about the trip yet – it has been a hectic morning.  Kat is smiling and so happy today.  She must have really enjoyed herself!  I will talk to her over lunch about it – and maybe she will share it with the kids.

            Last activity, making her name using the Braille alphabet and puffy paints.  She is listening to Mrs. R.’s and following her directions.  I will keep encouraging this type of activity/listening to teacher. 




            Hi !  Wow what a fabulous trip !  I’m jealous , since I’ve never been to Europe .  She’s full of vacation words today – no sentences , just words & phrases . ex: king & queen, guards, The Phantom of the opera, rode a train, etc.  She must have said “no silly talk, no posing” at least 6 x so far and its only 9:30 !  I spoke with Melissa about this. 

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April 10th was a banner day ! Kat has really made tremendous strides! (see notes)  

4/10 Danuta will be back tonight and we will write tomorrow on scoliosis screening.  On vacation whenever we got in an environment where she was supposed to be quiet she would revert to " no silly talk, no posing " .  We tried to just get her to quiet down and listen but were having similar results as in school .



4/10/97 S.

            Hi !  Today we’re starting off the day in P . E .  They are playing hockey .  Great job . Lots of participation . lots of independence .  Class is working independently on Math assignment.  Kat working independently in her math.  Nice job with her math work.  Back in P . E . Melissa & Iare going to observe and allow Kat to be as independent as possible.  She can do a lot on her own here !  Doing well – but still lots of focusing on me or Melissa when she needs to focus on activity she’s participating in .  Now insmall group.  Class playing a money game .  Kat did a great job again !  Kat working on her spelling .  GREAT MORNING!  Kat will spend some extra time in school today w/ Melissa . See you tomorrow .




            Kat was so good this AM and I had the time to spend w/ her today that I decided it would be a great " surprise " to stay at school this afternoon . No therapy until later so this is a perfect time .  Was able to contact Bridget who said she would call Tom to get the O.K .  Made observations in P . E . , smallgroup and class this AM which I will report at clinic on Monday.  Kat was thrilled when Igave her all token and said she could stay at school all day . Explained that her good behavior and efforts were being rewarded .  Since Mrs . D.’s class was doing “Writing to Write ”, we decided to try reading in Mrs. R.’s room . (Comments under smallgroup ) 
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4-11 Please let us know days of screening next week.



4/11/97 S.

            Good morning!  Danuta, I don’t know anything about screening next week.  If you are referring to scoliosis screening, Mrs. D.’s class was screened Wed 4-9.  Check with Melissa to see if Kat went to screening.  We’re in library singing “dewey rap’.  Cute!  Now working on vocabulary review.  Wanted to let Kat completed this worksheet independently to see where she is.  She has been copying from S. the whole time! (pretty smart – huh?).  Having her do page 2 on her own.  Now back in the classroom.  Spelling test on her own, words practiced yesterday in small group.  She did very well with this!  Off to a chemistry demo. w/ students from Eastern High School .  No sci . or S . S. today .  Now we’re in Music practicing lyrics for musical presentation coming up .  Kat doing O . K . but needs prompting to continue singing .  Music and words are quite fast!  OFF to small group instruction.  We’re reading a chapter in Helen Keller book and discussing things (accomplishments ) that Helen Keller did in her life .  Kat responded to Mrs. R.’s ? w/ she went to school ! Yeah!  Very correct .  Great morning!  See you next WK.


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Good Morning .  We are going to be watching a puppet show this AM @ 9:30.  Kat is very quietly doing her w/s until then . Our class trip is to the Art Museum & will be on Thurs May 1st.  Will S. be w/ her all day ? ?  Let me know , ok ?




            The puppet show was wonderful and Kat’s behavior was exemplary .  She did say aloud “ Hello Melissa ” when she spotted me coming in – wonder if we should teach her to discriminate when to say hello and when not to – just a thought . 

            In health now for only a few minutes – not enough time to evaluate as we lost the time in assembly .

            In regard to E.’s note above , May 1st is the scheduling meeting !  Hope you will be able to go on the field trip that day – if not , we can ask E. if she might be available . 

            Been meaning to respond to your invitation to Kat’s recital .  We have just sold our house and will be in the process of moving for the next month or so .  I’m reluctant to commit to anything at this point since we have so much work to do in so little time!  I’m very sorry and hope you understand.  I’ll be so glad to be settled again and it looks like we won’t be there until Sept.!

            Asfar as “screening ” goes , Mrs. Ma. can do it any day if you wish to have it done at school and avoid the doctor’s note .  Everyone else completed it last week.

            Some " posing " this morning after the puppet show – could have been the show but Kat kept saying “ Woman bird hand ” – maybe a movie she saw ?  Prompted her to stop and hasn’t been a problem .  Just looking for possible antecedents for thebehavior . 

            Danuta , please look under “ Specials ”at the * objectives .  These seem redundant and 1 should probably be deleted .  Maybe we could replace w/ "Demonstrates self - help skills " ( i.e. gets up to sharpen pencil when dull , gets paper whenneeded, asks for assistance when necessary) as I would like to see her develop these more independently . Let me know what youthink.

            The week of May 5th begins CAT testing ( California Achievement Tests ) and there will benospecials or regular classroom instruction during that time.  Mrs. R. , however , will have classes as usual that week since most of her students do not take the test.  Would you like Kat to stay in Mrs . Rolfe’s room , have therapy at home - or do you want her to try to take part of the test ?  Possibly , you may want to schedule some of her reevals that week?  Let me know after you thinkabout the myriad possibilities.  I am open to any suggestions.

            One more important note ( so much is happening in the next month or so and I want to make sure the end of the year goes wellfor Kat ) - since S. will be out for several weeks in May due to her BIG DAY " - would you like me to try and cover Kat’s school hours as much as possible while she is out ?  Unless M1. reassigns us both ( which I thinkis unlikely at this point )  we will need to work out Kat’s school time until the end of the year . Iwill beable to work until theend of the school year, this year, s o then shouldn’t be a big problem with scheduling like last year!

            Rehearsals for The spring concert dance group ( which Kat is in) will be held on Wed . and Friday at recess .  I have 2 girls to bring her to the bus on Friday . 

            Wow, this note has beena long one .  So much info to convey ! Hope it all makes sense as there is little time to check my writing !
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4/15: Kat will be wearing a bathing suit under her clothes for scoliosis testing .  Danuta is on a trip till Friday.


Melissa 4/15

            E. was not in this morning but Kat was just fine until I arrived .  The kids near her gave her papers to do and said she was terrific ( workinghard , quiet , cooperative and did well on her papers)  Just another example of some great strides this terrific little girl has made !  She is really happy , too – always a wonderful thing .

            We are doing social studies . simply going over a paper done in class before I arrived ( Kat did not do ) – which outlined important aspects of chap. 13 .  I will try to get a copy to insert in blue book for use at home .  In science , we are discussing the vocab . for Chap 15 . No tests this week . 

            E. indicated that if Danuta cannot go on the field trip on May 1st that she will probably be going anyway – so there will be coverage for Kat.

            Unfortunately Mrs . Ma.was out today and Kat could not get screened for scoliosis !  Sorry about this and if youwant her to wear her bathing suit tomorrow , she should be backthen( Had to go on a field trip last minute! ) . If not , wecando it next week .

            We are now in music and a neat thing is happening here .  After many months of prompting Kat to sing , sheis now singing the words to the songs – Not all and not consistently - but she is trying .  This is a major break through in music, in my opinion .  It'sa difficult skill for her since the lyrics go by quickly and Kat has to try and keep up with words she often does not know or recognize .  At the end of music , the kids play “ Silent Ball ” I am watching Kat and she needed only 1 prompt to be attentive .  Great job .

            In Mrs . R.’s room we watched " The Miracle Worker " and Kat was really into it .  She tried to fingerspell several words after I showed her how.  We learned the word " temper tantrum " – Kat demonstrated . 

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Kat has bathing suit on underneath for scoliosis test. She had very good day with therapist yesterday . Showing off lots of language skills .



           Hi S. !

                        Spoke w/ Mrs. Ro. about our plan for Kat and the library books .  Will work on the home library as soon as Danuta gets back . Just remind Kat when she takes out abook from the library, it always goes back to her backpack.  Spelling looks great and you can test “sh ” words now and then move on . 

Thanks ! Melissa  

Ellen ~

            Good Morning !  Schedule today is changed – rehearsal is @ 1:15 so no Art .  Mrs. D.’s class had math & W 2 W so Kat & I went into Mrs. R.’s class .  She had Kat w/ her(in a group of 3) & discussed S . S . (gov't laws , etc. )  They all had a book in front of them & sat quietly .  Kat had to be reminded of NO S.T & no singing a few times & when she drifted away Mrs. R. brought her back by calling her name 2 x & asking her “ What is gov't ? ” & she had to read it from the board .  She then asked all the children what state & city they lived in & 1 by 1 they all answered ( some w/ help . )  She then had them turn to a specific page  wh . they all did . Then they discussed what 1 child had read orally – & she asked Kat too !  She would write brief descriptions on the board so the children could see & remember what they had just read .  ( By the way , I wasn’t involved in this at all – I don’t even think Kat knew I was in the room ! I sat at the back writing ) . Kat had to be “called back ” every now & then as she spaced out & twisted & turned all around in her seat .  Mrs R. did a good job of brining her back .  When Kat read out loud , w/ help from Mrs R., she did OK – however she alternated between whispering & almost shouting .  Please keep working on her oral reading .  It’s coming along nicely , though !  Kat was extremely happy being here and beamed earlier when I said “let’s go to Mrs. R.’s room”.  A very good morning environment for her!  You know, when she sits with the group, she is no different than the other kids are as far as appearance and ability.  She is included in all groups discussions and question and answers.  She’s very happy and follows along nicely.


4/16 Melissa ~

            Kat is reallylistening to Mrs. R. more than ever.  She is now doing a phonics lesson ina groupof two. This is a great review for her – forming new words from individual sounds.  Still needs some help onshort vowels but for the most part , does very well . Consonants are solid except for double sounds of “ g ” and “ c ” .  Learning a new skill as well, blending sounds and it or ily andthen writing them . A little upset at first , but catching on .  Now practicing spelling from list begun in school .  Is cooperating beautifully and doing very well in fact , no errors !  Ready for S. to test tomorrow and begin new group of words . 

            Finished watching " The Miracle Worker " and Kat got up spontaneously to sit on the floor with theother kids .She is gravitating more towards the others and becoming more social independently.  She is also full of herself – smiling , engaging us with her expressions and giggling appropriately at times .

            Right now , I’m witnessing a very natural joining in with a group of kids learning vocabulary about household items .  Kat is joining spontaneously , calling out thenamesof items she knows and their function.  Just said " The blender mixes!"  This is wonderful, to watch evolve.

            Scoliosis screening was finally accomplished today .  Thanks for having her wear her suitagain.  She was a trooper, as usual .  Will needsnackmoney soon , also need more one cent strips and 10 more lunches onKat’s ticket .  Thanks !

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4/17 Yesterday’s note mentioned that Kat needed lunch money and snack money.  How much does she need?  Sounds like she had a great week in school this week.  We will try to get in to observe next week. 


P.S. : I enclosed envelope with $5 . 00 to hold us over this week for snack, and lunch .


4/17/97 S.

            Hi !  Very crazy schedule this morning!  Everything has changed!  Writing to Write 9:00 – 10:00 Play rehearsal 10:00 – 11:00 .  Back in Mrs . D.’s classroom they’re having science .  Discussing glaciers .  Kat is paying attn . @ times but also needs prompts to continue  Her attention is wandering .  We will work ind. and then go to Mrs . R.’s Room.  Arrived in Mrs . R.’s room a little early due to sched . change.  Kat practiced subtraction on computer for a few minutes and now we’re having Language . Topic is actions words - verbs .  Kat did a fairly good job paying attn . in language but little participation .  Material somewhat difficult for her.  We’ll doing spelling until lunch time ! See you tomorrow !


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S. 4/18/97

Hi !  Another Crazy day !  Writing to Write and then play rehearsal .  Actually there is a slight gap between writingto writeand rehearsal .  We’re in Mrs. D.’s class .  They’re working on math .  Kat and I are doing her math .  She is doing a nice job this morning .  During play rehearsal Kat is involved in dance group forthe play .  She is really following along nicely.  Needed some prompting @ 1st but then working well on her own .  Now in small group Kat and L. are working as partners. We’re in computer lab doing Writing to write .  Subject /topic again is verbs – actions words .  Everything was  great today! We’re just about to go to lunch! Have a great weekend . See you next week .


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Melissa 4/21 Another day of schedule changes !  First thing this AM was rehearsal for the spring concert .  No health , social studies or science .  We went to Mrs . R.’s room after a 15 min. recess outside.  I watched Kat from a distance today – did not try to set up any play situations , etc . She blended right in with the other kids moving from activity to activit y .  Only difference between Kat and other kids was the lackof eyecontact / expression during free play .  I will bring this up with M1. at clinic to see if we can facilitate a little more at school .  Spoke with Mrs . Ro. about library books last week and Kat was present .  I’m not sure if Danuta is back , or if her books are rearranged at home, but all else is in place .  If Kat writes , colors or cuts in a library book, we will consequate per Matt’s advice on 4/14 .

            Right now , Kat is working very quietly on works heets before group math w/ Mrs. R.  We will need more math worksheets soon .  Also , we need more data pages for" Specials " and " Small Group Instruction " as we have no more room to record . 

            Had to go to computer labfor Language and then back to class for spelling.  Kat only missed 1 word ( than ) on her pretest . She does exercises in the 2nd grade spelling book in her desk .   

4/21  Kat _ had a good weekend.  We went to neighbors for a barbeque and she sat a behaved for about 5 hours.  Sunday we went to 1st communion party and she danced with the other girls.  She also went to the movies last night and saw “The Saint” .


4/21 Hi,

Michelle figured out where "I'm going to the bathroom " came from . The therapists are saying it to Kat when they go . That's a great generaliztion don 't you think !

PS . I would like to go in and observe tomorrow ( Thursday) if it's ok ?

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4/23 Hi , Melissa would Wed next week be a better day .  I just realized that Wed we have therapy earlier and Thursday is a class trip.  after that scheduling will change so I will wait until then to go a full day .  I could stop in for a particular class if you or S. think it might be good to observe Art, PE science etc.



4/23 Hi !  Schedule change again !  W2W switched to 9:10 – 10:00 so we went to Mrs. R.’s room .  Just so happened she was doing 3rd grade SS again .  Gov't , laws, goods& sos etc .  Kat sat at table w/ group of 3 other children .  Behaved very appropriately !  Mrs R. engaged her into discussion along w/ rest of group .  Tomorrow’s schedule is changed to

9:10 – 10:00 – W2W /Math 5th

10:00 – 10:45 rehearsal

10:50 – 11:15 ( approx ) math – R.(maybe )

11:15 - ? ( lang ) in comp . lab W2W w/ R. 

This whole week is a difficult week to observe , as there are NO specials – only rehearsal for the 4th & 5th grades!


4/23 First Thing this morning - Kat asked me “ Melissa , may I go to the bathroom, please ? ”  Gave her several one cents !  We have been modeling it since clinic and she caught on quickly .  M. was certainly right – she was following our example !  The sched . is crazy thesedays so we are going w/ the flow .  Tomorrow , I will be in at 11:30 and can stay the afternoon.  Would you please notify the bus company ?  Thanks.  Also, need more of this paper for notes . Kat is now working diligently on her worksheets . Am trying to find some ready made to teach fact/fantasy distinction .  If Kat is modeling our speech more now, I think it would be a good time to reintroduce thelang .master.  Let’s talk about this . (definitions , information , sent .structure)

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4/24 I’m observing Kat in computer lab now w/ S .  They are using a “ planner ” to create a story about afictitious chicken called “ Wonder Chicken ”.  Once she learns the format for making sentences, she really goes to town .  Her story turned out well – only a few prompts to keep going .

            At lunch a really neat thing happened .  We were playing kickball when I. and D. came over and asked Kat if she would like to be inTheir dance routine for the talent show .  Kat was a bit perplexed at first (didn’t understand) and I asked , “Do you want to dance w I. & D.? ” Kat said “ Yes " !  so she skippedoff to the side and for a few minutes , joined their dance .  When the bell rang , they asked if she would like to do it tomorrow andshe said yes again .  It was the first time I remember that she joined in a play group initiated by others . 

            We are nowback in Mrs . D.’s class .  When Kat figured out we were staying all day at school , she said “ I feel happy ” !  Thought she should have SS. w/ her class since she has missed it all week.  We are on pg 307 , going over Federalism and The Constitution.  After this ; we will go back to Mrs . R.’s class to cut the Thunder Cake which they made this AM .

            Enclosed in Theblue notebook is a permission slip which you must fill out for the field trip .  I told Mrs. D. that you wold be going along – just need to return slip w/ the money .

            Have tried in several ways to facilitate future tense in Kat’s spontaneous speech and will often ask “ What are we going to do ? ”  when the next step is apparent .  She uses “ I am going to ” or “ Weare going to ”when the prompt is implicit in the question.  It seems to help her get started – you might try it with her .

            We are in Mrs . R.’s room now reading a new story called ANT CITIES .  Kat just said something hilarious – Mrs . R . asked “ Where do ants live ? ”  Kat said “ ants live inthe pants ! ”  Have you said that to her before ?  She’s listeningto everything now !  


4/24/97 S.

            Hi !  Playrehearsal this morning!  Before rehearsal class had short period of writing to write .  We worked in Mrs. R.’s Room.  This is a crazy time at school .  All of Mrs. R.’s students were out of the room , we worked with Kat and T.  They did a fun project .  Coloring pictures – Kat worked very nicely on her own !  Now we’re in gym rehearsing.  Kat really doesn’t need supervision from me right now .  She is with her class singing nicely !  Back in Mrs. D.’s class they’re working on Language and then math .  Decided to go to Mrs. R'.s room.  They are going toread a story and then bake a cake .  Thought this would be much better.  Hands on activity!  Read Thunder Cake !  Kat followed along in her book like rest of class while Mrs. M. read the story.  Time to bake the cake .  Great fun .  Now off to computer lab .  Melissa is here .  Have a great day ! See you tomorrow ! 
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4/25 S.

Good morning !  Of courseall schedule changes today!  Mrs . D.’s class has writing to write this morning andthen play rehearsal.  Also , Mrs . D. Not here today – substitute.  Kat and I are working at computer on math problems.  Kat is working with L. in small group . They're working on capitals of the states . Since Mrs. D.’s class is having math now I’m trying to find productive things to do with Kat .  Don’t want to just do w/s with her all morning .  She is doing a wonderful job working as a partner as well as independently .  Discussing capitals and now we’re going to play a social studies game .  Now @ play rehearsal – Kat w/ dance group.  Great job!  She is doing a wonderful job ---> working hard participating beautifully !  Back in Mrs . D.’s class B-day party for N. .  Now we have to go to small group for language. We’re very busy !  Kat keeping up with all adjectives nicely .  We’re working on our Wonder Chicken story in comp. lab.  We are having lots of trouble today with computers .  They are “ freezing ”.  We can’t get much work done !  What a week !  Kat now working very nicely on touch typing.  This seems to be going better due to technical difficulties .  This morning has “ flew by”!  We’re off to lunch .  See you soon !  GREAT DAY TODAY !


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4/28 Kat had a good weekend .  She worked outside with me and did alot of shoveling dirt .  She also went to the Mall and she was shopping in “ Sam Goody ” when a girl came up to her and said “ Hi! Kat ” .  She had to say it twice before Kat responded .



Melissa 4/28

            Kat had play rehearsalfirst thing this morning and Iwas able to watch her go through her routine . It was excellent !  Kat followed her dance partner , smiled beautifully , and went along by watching the other kids ( standing up , sitting down, etc . ) .  I think she is going to do just fine – you’ll be very proud of her .  They’ll be more rehearsals this week  ( checkschedulein the blue notebook ) so you might want to catch one before the performance.

            You might also want to wait until after the performance to observe Kat’s classes – there are no specials scheduleduntil after the spring concert and the schedule is wacky .

            Kat played a really good vowel game w/ T. in Mrs . R.’s class.  She learned the rules and was 100% on naming all long and short vowels from a picture . 

            We are now in math.  Although the group is ahead of Kat ( beginning multiplication) she does her work separately and then participates ( as does The group) in an activity .  Today it is flashcards .  I hope Kat can catch up in math this summer as I feel her skills are solid and she is just waiting to absorb more .

            Rest of the morning – did math and WTW in computer lab .  Very frustrating as the program kept freezing.  Finally gotit to work on another computer .  Noticed when there is a bell , Kat would start to stim a bit .  Must keep her busy !
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            Hi!  First a reminder, you need to send in $2.80 to cover the cost of your ticket to the Art Museum (unless you are a member – let me know).  The 4th & 5th graders put on the play for the school this AM & Kat was so excited and happy.  Although, I received reports of her singing and humming while she started to get silly and when Melissa came she sat down alongside her and she was ok.  I’m coming tonight and will be back stage with the other teachers.


Melissa ~

            Play rehearsal going well.  Kat was a bit antsy during music assemble performance but I think it was anticipation of the dance.  The dance went extremely well – all the kids congratulated her afterward.  She follows beautifully (only missed the turn) and thoroughly enjoys it!  Got to Mrs. R.’s room around 11:00.  Kat went right to work on eat work until everyone settled down.  Then began language with the group in the computer room.  She Is enjoying this story about Wonder Chicken that she is writing with another student.  Please ask her about it as I think she is retaining the structures (language) she sees come up on the screen time after time.  This Wonder Chicken program will ask them to take a noun and verb and expound these into good descriptive sentences with the adjectives and even adverbs.  I predict Kat will latch on to these categories and start generalizing in spontaneous speech.

            Money matters!  Kat needs lunch money for tomorrow – used her last lunch ticket today.  Also, she was very low on snack money so I put in $2.00 of the $2.80 for the field trip.  We will need more snack money tomorrow as well.  More one cent sheets too!!

4/29 Hi, Kat is really getting into computer games lately.  Last night after therapy she went right to the computer and played three separate games.  Please call me to let me know when they perform at school.  I’d like to come over. 


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            Hi, E.  I remembered  the photo’s you can give these or take them.  I made extra set for Kat.

            Melissa, Kat was super last night  , the kids helping her were great .  She did her dance and sat nicely in the chair.  She was smiling and excited during the dance .  I enclosed check for Cafeteria.  See you later . 



            Congratulations!   I heard from the kids and teachers that Kat was wonderful.  What an achievement for her – she has come so far and we are all so proud of her.  Next – the talent show in May after that, The Dance Recital and after that who knows – Broadway ?

            Kat is now working on worksheets since the class is working on a very detailed paper which must have been a homework assignment .  Kat just began a worksheet with a bone on it and said “I am real” and believe it or not, leaned towards me and said “Melissa, are you real?”

            I think your theory about her wondering about her bones, body, etc. is correct.  Her reassuring may be “I have bones, so therefore I am real”.  It may be an opportune time to teach fantasy versus reality !

            What a character !  She is copying down vocabulary for S.S. from the text which will be key to the test .  She started humming softly so all I did was pick up her one cent sheet and she grabbed my hand .  Quick thinker that she is decided to kiss it !  I couldn’t take one cent away then !

            She is resisting copying down information from the text – I don’t know why.  I’m trying to give you a skeleton outline of vocabulary and important people and also give her familiarity with the most critical info so that she will have some preparation for an open book quiz on Friday.  Possibly, you can devise a quiz based on math.  Kat all of a sudden looked at me and said “I like the waves, do you like the waves?  Immediately went to her and started a conversation about the beach.  At the end, she said “I like to chew gum!”  have you had her try to chew gum recently?  She seems quite happy with the thought.  She is happily doing her math worksheet again.  Would you mind clipping some more clinic note sheets in the from of this notebook please? At times, S. and I have issues which should be brought up at clinic concerning school – if I don’t write them down immediately, I sometimes forget!  Also, we need more one cents sheets.  Her surprise today will be to stay in school all day – unless she already knew.

            Please give me a call if you were able to arrange a tour of the Middle school with J.R. on Friday.  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume it wasn’t possible.

            Everyday I am trying to get in a little spelling using the 2nd grade book.  Kat is amazing in her ability to retain these new words.  Another nice thing – they are usually grouped phonetically and are great for maintaining these skills.  Recess was great again today .  Chose to learn dance from I. and D. – very patient and listened to their directions!  I would eaves drop but did not interfere . I. is going to call you to see if Kat can maybe practice with them at another time.  Kat told her her telephone number .

            Now in Mrs. R.’s room having areading lesson on 2nd grade level.  She is following the story with 1 other girl ( L. ) and is answering the questions asked by Mrs. M.  Sang the out song (two by two, etc.) w/ the group and she was so happy!  When I told her she was going to stay all day at school , she hugged me hard !

            Finished this wonderful day w/ Kat at school doing TPE outside w/ Mrs. D’.’s class.  If all children loved school as much as Kat, we would have no children w/ problems at school ! 
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