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December 1995


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index








Hi. When I picked her up this AM in the office -she screamed!- &then said, "NO screaming". Now why she screamed- I haven'ta clue! The office atmosphere was the same as usual -nothing different . Also, in the classroom -she yelled something out - I wiped off a smiley face. She made a face but no repercussions followed. (Thank Goodness!) The children are going to the comp. lab for about 15 mins to finish up some work, so we went too. She did the touch typing program & had fun . Back in the class she started 1st set of worksheets & kept putting her finger in her ear & talking while working . Again I wiped off a smiley face .She kept working. Now while looking for crayons she's humming . Another similey face wiped off. Now we're back down to 1 smiley face& it's 9:50 ! She's now coloring nicely & I'm having her color in all the white spaces like you showed me . She still continues to babble while she's coloring. Now she just said "Russian Ballet" & opened her arms wide . The children are working on division problems & are taking a quiz. When she hums or mumbles I'm sure they find that distracting . She is workingon another coloring page & hasn't made a peep ! Well, there goes that theory ! I'm havingher re-do a page -she's blurted "Return to Oz" & made asif to throw the crayon at me. I wiped off a smiley face. We're back down to 2 smiley faces& now she's crying -wait - she stopped! I'm taking out all the coloring papers from the next set of worksheets, to see if she's quieter . She's working on a paper & just said, "It's Christmas". I'm glad you're coming in tomorrow , however, I'm sure she'll have a fabulous day w/ you here!

* Remember - Holiday Shop Today @ 11:05.

She did much better on the next set of worksheets w/out any coloring.

See you tomorrow !


*She did not get her surprise today.

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Hi E.,

Iwill see you around 9:30: Danuta.

OK ! See you then . She started right away w/ the S.T. (silly talk) and stim (humming) , but we were just about to go to music . I told her if she is quiet& walks nicely in the hall she will get a smiley face. She did. Now we are at music & so far so good. (9:20) We're watching a video on African drums & she is being quiet . (9:30) She kept laying her head down on the desk & I had to keep reminding her to sit up . After the video we saw a demonstration ofthese African drums. She's now starting to get fidgity(9:35) - making faces, squiriming in her seat - I turned& looked at her put my finger on my lips &she settled down.

Hi E.,

Danuta will be working the next two days. Danuta has separated worksheets in two sections (Math, Spelling) . This way hopefully we will not have the problem of duplicate pages. I am enclosing 2 work books. If you run out of work sheets , she should be able to work out of these books since they are connect the dots . If you want you could have her sporadically work out of these books to see how she reacts. Library book is enclosed. Hope today goes well ! ! !


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Good Morning. We had Art 1st thing this AM. As per Danuta's and my conversation -I removed Kat from the room w/ her 1st outburst . She sobbed when I gave her a paper & pencil. I wiped off a smiley face & took her in the hall. She was quiet& we returned to Art. She had some S.T. & I just wiped off a smiley face& she was quiet . She was not happy in Art this AM - while she was "drawing" she was crying, out of frustration& because we wanted her to make a triangle & hers looked something like a circle. As I said, they are drawing houses in perspective, & hers probably could have been better . (eve.) She's not happy ! However, we went to the gym for a treat & she was quiet in the hall & had a great time in gym. Back in class she is working quietly on the 1st setof worksheets. I gave her the animal dot to dot book- no objections from her - she even smiled . I gave her the worksheets from sections marked "math", & "ART" . She did beautifully ! Time to go home- a great morning . Have a good weekend.


PS When I gave her the surprise - she said - "NO want this."

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Ihave enclosed gifts for the specials.

Hope you have a great vacation.


Hi ! Have a great vacation! She was fine this AM @ the talent show. Her present is in the bookbag-

Hope she enjoys it !

(It's the "Snow White" Pop-up book!)

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