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May 1995


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







Hi ! Well , Kat had many opportunities to ask people for things today. ex: Good morn. to D., Chr., will you p/u my pencil please ?, L. will you get my paper please ? (it fell.) So far a good morn . I have 2 pages from her seatwork that I'm not quite sure of. I gave them a green checkmark. On check # 1 - the directions are circle the sent. that matches the picture. However, all she did was circle each picture. I tried to explain what to do - Ieven asked her what arethey doing in the picture & she couldn't understand what to do. On check # 2 she had to use words that rhyme w/ jay & hay. But she used dig, bird & hop as her choices from the page. Again - after explaining what to do she still couldn't understand . She started to get agitated , jumped up , whined & waved her arms. At this point I stopped as I didn't want her to disrupt the class. Let me know about these 2 pages & what you would like me to do, ok ?


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Need : Fraction worksheets & " WH " Discrim . wkshts .

Pretend Teacher - Spelling work on reinforcers. Describe something - need to work those categories & functions that have always been difficult - appliances, tools, instruments

P. - Given master to Step 1 & 3 - I've been working there exclusively and Kat is doing tremendous . Generalizing now ! Maintenance?

Rhyming Words - talk to D !

Draw II Picture - working from "models" a couple of suggestions

* Stop Kat if something significant goes wrong up front (i . e . fence in zoo model)

* Reinforce at 3 or 4 places thru out the session. I tell Kat what & when it will be - I think it encourages

Size , Adjective , Noun - talk to D , should we do each size individ w/ all adjectives or vise versa -

Reinforcers three papers, work critical for success. Stamps are great. O work too! ------> Writing Sentences & WH Discrim. Writing


Good Morning ! A great day so far (9:40) . She's been very quiet & has said "Good Morning" to different peoplein the classroom & in the hall. I'm making sure she has eye contact with the person or I'll have her repeat it like Danuta showed me.

5/9/95 Dear Mrs. F.,

Thanks for inspiring us with your variety of games ! Only wish I could see you with Kat as your experience as a therapist is fantasic . Not much time to write ;however , I feel Kat is doing beautifully overall and ready for new challenges . I'm sure you are seeing them with revised program! Please say hello to St. when you next see her - hope she's bck soon as she insisted .



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Kat must have put the journal on the table & I thought it was in the binder! * During the next 2 wks at library , the students will be doing worksheets & learninghow the libraryis set up. NO stories will be read during this time . I'm sending home a worksheet from today - 2nd grade is required to know this information as part of their curriculum.

Kat sat & tried to be still , but she fidgeted & squirmed while this info. was introduced . Mrs. R. used lots of visuals , books ,& discussion to introduce that every book has a special place , or address in the library . There was much discussion ,interaction & enthusiasmfrom the rest of the class . Kat did not participate - she just sat & looked around . I had to point to the smiley face chart about 3x to get her to stop being silly . After 20mins of discussion & theworksheet , they were then allowed tochoose & borrow a book. A good day !


*I think she did pretty good in sitting , considering she didn't seemto understand or participate ! ! I was pleased !

5/10 Kat was exuding joy today . Lots of affect and smiles which seems to go hand in hand with EC. She asked me to sing with her spontaneously and at another time , between drills , wanted me to read to her. She is really upbeat on this rainy day !

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We went to computers this morn.&Kat did the touch typing program &then I put her on a math program; adding 1 - 16 .(This is level 1) She did fine with 1 - 10, but she asked for help w/ the harder problems ,which was fine .


*Important *:Please send in a color photo of Kat for a "memory wheel" of 3rdgrade. A wallet size will be perfect !

Backto computers -she did seem to like the math program &her behavior was fine ! Therest ofthe morning passed uneventfully.


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Kat had a good morning. She was in my class because Mrs. Braslow had high school students come& work on "writing to write"with the students in the AM. She did her work and behaved great. Music was good also ! Have a great weekend & I'll see you next Wed , Thurs or Fri ? Let me know.


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Hi, E. ,I enclosed two Ad booklets that were printed for the COSAC Conference. One is for you andthe other for Mrs. B1. We have mentioned you both as a small token of our appreciation for all you have done for Kat this year. Is there going to be a yearbook and isKat in it ? Could I order one ? I also enlclosed herpicture. With the worksheets you may need to show her the first one on the page by circling the correct one . I could come over Tuesday or Wednesday, which is better ?Danuta

5/15, 1995

Hi ! Welcome back ! Thank you so much!for the ad book. It was really so touching & we really appreciate it! (By the way, what does COSAC stand for ?) Yes , there is a yearbook - I'm not sure when the forms will go out. I'll let you know. There are also boosters - I believe they needed to be in today ! ! but I'm sending the formhome if you're interested&I wrote her a note, explaining you were away & just came back. Tomorrow will be fine for you to come in, as on Wed. Mrs. B1's class has an assembly @ 9:45 on bicycle safety, while Kat has library w/ 2nd grade. See you tomorrow. Kat had a great day !


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Hi ! Kat had a great morning & then we went to library .(She played w/ Col. during free time.) Todayin library ,the children learned about call numbers for fiction ,"F," & underthe F are the 1st 3 letters of the author's name = ( F CLE Fiction, - Beverly Cleary) &all the books are in ABC order. Then they completed a worksheet. (enclosed) She sat& listened , fidgeted somewhat , but did not have any silly talk. I had to remind her a few times to sit still , but other than that , she was super !


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We had computers today &she seemed a little bored w/ the math game ,so I had her do touch typing , math problems & word games. She was very talkative & fidgety today. It was hard for her to concentrate on her work. ex: for her daily calendar -shewrote onlythe date, handed it tome & said"I'm finished !" Of course I had her complete it ,but she was very sloppy& "growled". I think that's what it sounded like! She was soloud at times that Iwiped off 2 smiley faces . The rest of the AM she was better.


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Hi ! I was out sick on Friday; hope everything went OK ! She was very talkative this A.M & and she hada hard time focusing onher work . She had a hard time settling down & sang & did "silly talk mumblings" 'till about 9:35 . Iguess /hope it's just Monday morning -itis ! ! Have a good day.


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The "silly talk seems to go up when therapy hours go down. Last week Melissa was on vacation and we are another therapist short.

I have enclosed invitations for Kat's Birthday party could you pass them out to the whole class. I am not sure if we made enough for the whole class There are some extras ifyou could put their nameon it if any are missing . Thank you .


Hello ! There were 2 new students; M. and B. - you sent in just enough ! I had Kat pass them out - she became confused looking for each child soI hadthem raise theirhand &she was able to find them. She enjoy this ! Havea great day ! By the way - there aren't any sheets for her to write calendar or dictionary.


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Hi , sorry aboutthe sheets . Thank you for improvising. Would it be ok for K. (new teacher for the summer) to observe Katherine on June 6th ? What is happening tomorrow. Should I come to school (can I come on the bus ?) Or should I meet you atFranklin ?


Hi ! I'll ck with K1.d.C. to make sure June 6this O K& I'll let you know tomorrow , OK ? Info. forthe Franklin Inst Trip: You drive to school, &Kat comes in on the bus. You meet her in Mrs. B.'s homeroom &you both ride the bus down to the Frank. Inst. Packa lunch, snack , drink & what ever else you may need for yourself& Kat . Label the bags. You w/be the chaperone &your group is, Kat, G., & E. ! ! Isn't that super! I'll seeyou there but Iwill be with another student. I'll still pick her upin the office from the bus& take her to her homeroom . See you tomorrow .

E. ! !

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Hi E.,

Thanks for including usin the trip. Kat had a great time and slept like alog last night . Er. + G. were lot's of fun! Two questions for you :one - we are working on spelling at home is there a list for spelling tests for 1st 2nd 3rd grade ? Could you tell me where I could get one. And if you are ordering books could you get an extra set for Kat for2nd & 3rd grade? If not can you get me the publishers, authors & yr andI'll try and get them from order center?

Kat goes on little trips as a reward sometimes. I was wondering if we could bring her to recess when kids are outside. What time are the children from Mrs. B1's class out for recess ? I guess there were 4 things. Thank you for all your help.


P.S. There is a paper bag inside packet that belongs to G.


Good Morning ! I'm so glad both of you had fun on the trip. You can look forward to more of them ! What spelling words are you currently giving Kat ? Where are you getting them from and do you want her to work in conjunction w/ our spelling program ? What types of 2nd&3rd grade books are you referring to ? Reading, Math ,etc? I need you to be more specific so we can order correctly for next year. Maybe we should meet to discuss this.

Kat had a super day - Have a great weekend - E.

* Todayin music we saw a video of a puppet show of "Peter& the Wolf." She really seemed to enjoy it; she sat very still and watch the TV w/out moving or saying anything !

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Hi The communion went superbly She had negotiated "7 books" during the mass. She surprised a lot of relatives and friends.

The spelling list was just a listof words Kat new how to read before Iwould like to start the school list ET Hamilton is using Kindergarten up to make sure she knows those words. the 2nd & 3rd grade books -all the books kids are using and workbooks (Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.)

What time is recess ?


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Hi ! I'm so proud of Kat to hear she made her communion. Congratulations ! !

The 3rd grade has lunch from 11:40 -12:20. Recess is from 12:00 - 12:20; the 1st 20 mins they are in eating & the last 20mins they have recess.

Reguarding the books &spelling list- I have turned your request over to Jo.R. & he should be contacting you. Please let me know - OK ? There shouldn't be any problem getting to her started . Another great day!


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Hi, Thanks for your help. What day would be good for me to stop in ? Could you pass this envelope to Je. please. Thank you . Danuta

Hi ! Was Kat surprise bag empty , or did she empty it ?! Thurs we have computers & Fri is music . Either day would be fine - maybe Fri is better; you haven't been to music in a while to see her. This Fri. they will be watching & discussing "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and how the music helps tell the story. Unfortunately, she won't be there for the whole time to see the video , but you will get a chance to observe her behavior. Does she scribble when she colors at home ? I often say " Do it better" but she ignores it. Am I using the correct wording ? She is zipping through these worksheets! I'll let you know if she has a library book. I do know that all library books are due Fri, June 2nd. NO more borrowing after that date.

Have a good day.


* She had a hard time sitting & listening during library. She kept twisting & turning, looking at the books on the shelf & even trying to crawl away from the group while listening to the story! At one point during the story, she looked at me and called out, "nice being quiet" ! !

P.S. - Kat owes Aladdin

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