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October 1989


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index



Kat has been displaying signs of frustration lately. She started to pull her hair and eating it.  We are trying to break this habit at home and would appreciate if you could do the same.  If there is anything that you can think of that might help us to break with this fascination of hair let us know.  Kat can sing the Hickory Dickory Dock song and the Tic Tac song. 

D. (Mother)

Kat doesn’t seem to be pulling out her hair much here at school. When we see her getting frustrated or upset we try to "calm" her and redirect her to another activity to prevent the hair pulling. How have you been trying to deal with this at home? I definitely think it’s a behavior that we need to stop & we are working on it by redirecting her, so far this is working here at school.

This week we will be working on naming, matching & identifying types of clothing. Both art & circle times activities for the week will involve learning about clothes. This may be a good concept to also emphasize at home. 

I’ve been trying to contact you at home regarding home visits but I’ve been unsuccessful. If possible, I would like to schedule a visit for Monday, October 23rd - would you be available? The home visit will be about 45 minutes. 

Thanks -

L.G. (Teacher)

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10/23 would be a good day for the home visit. Could you please specify what times would be best for you. We have been dealing with Kats hair pulling in one of three ways:

1. Say “no pulling” in a raised voice

2. Say “no pulling” and spank hand

3. Say “no pulling” and put her in time out.

Another habit we are trying to break is picking her nose. If you need directions for the home visit, let us know. Since you will be working on word naming and matching clothing, could you send us a list of the names of clothing you will be teaching about.

Could you also let us know when we would be able to s'chedule a visit to see the class in action.

T. & D.H. (Parents)

The clothes we’ll be emphasizing are shirt, pants, shoes, & socks and possibly sweater, coat, mittens, hat. A good activity could be letting Kat help sort the laundry & have her match or give you various clothing items. 

The 23rd of October is fine for a home visit. I’ll try to give you a call this week to arrange a time, any time would be fine with me. Yes, I will need directions.

You are more than welcome to visit the class in action. You’ll have to contact A. (Administrator) to arrange a visit. 

L.G. (Teacher)

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Dear Mr. & Mrs. H.,

Today in speech we were working on object/picture recognition and identification. I only work on two obj/pictures per session. I first get Kat's attention by placing an object on her line of view & then call her name as I move the object close to my face near my eyes & say name of the object. I then allow Kat time to explore object and showed her several ways to play with the object i.e. ball - roll, bounce, throw, kick, give. I then take the object back, name it and place picture of object next to object. Pt. to both in turn then put the object on the picture identifying it as you do it. Remove object. Then reintroduce object, take Kat's hand and move object on picture. Remove object give it to Kat. Pt. to picture - wait for Kat to place object on picture.  If she doesn’t respond repeat steps.  Worked on ball & drum today.  Also was working on having Kat listen to & for sds. Set Kat in the middle of the room. Made sound. "Say listen to sound as pt. to ear.”  Produced sd. loudly directly in front of Kat i.e. la la sticks. If she doesn’t respond - physically assist. Say again it makes this sound. Pt. to sound.

L.P. (Speech Therapist)

This week we will be working on identifying shapes, specifically a circle & square. We will be matching, sorting, and tracing shapes with index finger.  This may be a good concept to also reinforce in the home. How has Kat been at home? The pulling of hair seemed to decrease here at school - is she still doing it at home?

L.G. (Teacher)

Today Kat had her private therapies.  They are both starting to work with Kat making choices. Kat will repeat words but does not use them to identify her choice. For the first time yesterday, Kat used the word "sock" when shown a sock. Her hair pulling is on and off, but seems to be less.

T.& D. H. (Parents)

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Mrs. H.,

I’ll be available at 3:00 pm. on October 23rd for the home visit. The visit will be about 45 minutes. - Please let me know if this is a good time for you. 

Thankyou -

L.G. (Teacher)

I will also need directions to your house.


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3:00 pm is fine for home visit 10/23. I have enclosed index card with directions.

T. (Father)

Hi! Thanks for confirming the time for 10/23. Tomorrow we will be finger painting – please send Kat to school in play clothes. 


R. S. (Class Aide)

P.S. Just a reminder - check your snack schedule, a new week is almost here!
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This week we will be working on the concept of Halloween. Art & circle activities will revolve around the Halloween theme. This week Halloween may be a good concept to work on at home as well. I’m sending home a copy of Halloween songs that we’ll be singing in class.

L.G. (Teacher)

Just wanted to let you know that we’re going to have a Halloween party on Oct.31 at 12:30 pm. If you’d like to send Kat to school in costume you may.


R.S. (Class Aide)

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At home we have been working on getting Kat to name objects without our telling her. She has minimal problems repeating words if we ask her to say them or understanding words if we ask her to get something. She seems to have more problems recalling words if we attempt to get her to name it, although she has been successful with this afew times over the last week or so. As you know her attention span is somewhat limited if she’s not doing something she wants to (e.g. she has favorite movies she will watch for hours)

D. (Mother)

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Just wanted to let you know on Nov. 3rd PAW’s farm will be in to show the children six different animals. If this is a problem for Kat please let us know.  Thank-you

D. B. (Class Aide)
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Kat does not like to wear her costume, especially the hat. If you can manage to get her to wear it she would be able to go trick or treating. 


D. (Mother)

Kat did a super job. She did wear her costume when we went trick 'or' treating to the offices in the building. (Although it was a struggle to put it on - she did calm herself & wore it!!)

This week, we are emphasizing “Pets” in preparation for the visit from PAWS.  Animals we are focusing on are: dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig & chicken!

L.G. (Teacher)
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