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It's hard to believe that Kat is the same person. Today, she is 23 years old. She has come so far and yet has so far to go. Her ability to communicate is still holding her back from all the things she wants to do. She is attending a community college where she is taking and auditing courses for credit that do not have prerequisites.

So far, she is not able to pass basic math, reading, and writing courses. We are still working on basic academics. She has so many wonderful skills though. She plays piano, classical harp, and Celtic harp. She attends college classes independently but does need help with all the assignments. She takes dance classes, voice lessons, and acting lessons. She loves performing even though it is difficult for her. She is volunteering to play music at fundraisers.

She meets with a group of friends every week. Although her ability to carry a conversation is still limited, she looks forward to seeing them and is dissapointed when they can't make it.

She works with her tutors learning basic academics all over again. Here is a cartoon drawn by an aspiring artist Stephanie Snyder who works with Kat which represents their typical session.


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