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Ambassador for Abilities News


From speaking engagements to volunteer work and walk-a-thons, Kat is always promoting equality for people of all abilities. You can become an Ambassador for Abilities too!

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March 2023

Katherine plays at Kat's Cafe

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Five Star Roller Coasters


Earthquake (Universal Studios, Orlando, FL)

Ride through a simulated earthquake in a fully functioning sound stage. (website)


Men in Black Alien Attack (Universal Studios, Orlando, FL)Men In Black Alien Attack

A live action ride where you ride and shoot aliens. (website, video)


Rock n' Roll Rollercoaster (Disney MGM Studios, Orlando, FL)

A high speed rollercoaster with loops and a theme of an Aerosmith party. (website, video)


Star Tours (Disney MGM Studios, Orlando, FL)

A simulator ride where you experience scenes from the movies. (website, video)


Tower of Terror (Disney MGM Studios, Orlando, FL)

Yes, this is the one that drops you in a Twilight Zone elevator in a haunted hotel. (website, video)