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October 1994


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index








10/11/94 Hi, we're back . Kat had a great time. You could ask her "Where did you go for your vacation " , "What did you do ? "

Her writing : she has been introduced to all capital letters . We are just starting a spelling program so she can't spell at this point.

We are working on the behavior ( selftalk). She mad a lot of improvement at home . J.R. called this morning , he said IEP is scheduled for Friday . I would like to cometo the classroom before the IEP & I could show you how we are dealing with " self talk " at home . What is a good day


Welcome back ! Kat was all smiles when I took her off the bus today. Thursday would be a good day for you to come in , OK? We'll see you then .

The children were given a test 1st thing this AM , so we left & went to my room .(There really isn't anything else for us to do while the students are testing . ) While there , she can read our books , we can do handwriting , or do some workbooks . Since I didn't know exactly what to do with her during our time together , I improvised to find out what she can do . Today we worked in a workbook matching numerals with pictures . She fuessed after the 1st one & kept saying NO!, NO!, but I felt she could do it so I persevered with her . Again, she got quite loud , but since she was in our room it was OK. I hope during our meeting it becomes clearer , what we all expect Kat to do during the hour & a half that she's here.


behavior Oct 11 , 1994


1:50 ( I left her alone talk on phone she talked

1:57 said dark I said what she said nomore silly talk

2:08 'I be right back " she said it ! I said : "do you want to go "

Kat : " Yes, " , D: " But you have to be right back " she said " Yes ".

But she went to the other room and did not look like she had plans on coming back. I called her back in. she got upset a bit and yelled "Mommy right back " but I told her I was staying here . she quieted down

2:40 during drill writing first time #2





4:25 - Kat was standing at closet & out of nowhere began to cry , so I what is the matter, are you okay/hurt - she said NO more silly talk .

4:33 - drawing maintenance

5:45 - during impossible tasks

6:35 - silly talk throughout drill

- when taping began I didn't write when silly talk began , but it may have been b/c of camera . -She did well w/ silly talk overall however .

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10/12/94 E.

In your note you have mentioned that Kat got quite loud but since it was in your room it was OK. It is not OK no matter what room she is in .

We have only one major goal for her time in school , and that is that Kat learns how you behave in school.

Her yelling out and self talk is not appropriate.

I am sure that the special ed children (although may be more tolerant ? ) are disrupted as normal children would be.

There has to be another location to take her to

10/12 Today we watched a movie - all went well & quiet . She climbed onto my lap & watched . After the video all the children sat on the floor for a discussion of what they just saw. Kat sat & picked her nose. After 2 " stop that Kat " from me, she got loud & hit/slapped me on the arm. I immediately took her out of the room into the hall where she had loud silly talk & kicked me in the shin.I reprimanded her w/ - "no hitting or kicking!" & " no silly talk!", which she repeated . We stayed out there for a few minutes & she took my hands & held them . I don't know what brought about this strange switch in her behavior . After that she was fine . The children were doing their quiet seatwork at this point ( 9 : 50 ) & we went out for a walk & then joined the class outside for TPE .

See you tomorrow



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Hi, I will see you around 9AM


Oct . 13, 1994 Behavior

4:30 - On statement, stat , stat drill Kat got ready and wanted to play - ran away - went to exercise program

5:00 - Drawing girl - took pencil away while I drew seemed to eliminiate the silly talk

5:20 - Writing - said " three " when she was told to write it .

6:00 Write name - couldn't spell ET 1stx I asked for last name - Silly Talk

6:30 During Pronoun drill work w/ Mom

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Oct 15, 1994

8:30 - 9:30 Testing 3x's then perfect


12:20 After "pretend interaction " continued to play

12:22 Write name - wouldn't let her cheat - 1st anger then tears took to other room - told Kat - give me hug . calmed came back

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Oct . 16, 1994

10:10 silly talk during compliance drill

11:05 I was preparing for a drill & Kat came over to me & said - Mrs. F. - and pointed to a picture of a female Big Bird ,so I sd. what is Mrs. F. doing & Kat said sitting, then she touched my arm & said Big Bird and said It's time to go home & closed the book

Kat made a few noises throughout various drills but nothing major.


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10/17 Hi,

Kat had a good weekend. She is working on #3 & 4 in handwriting. Itried the worksheets this morning .

they are slightly different in height so they may need to take some time to adjust from handwriting paper to the worksheets . She only needed 2prompts for counting silently. Good luck today . Please call anytime you have a question . I am here this whole week . I will be out of town next week . If you need me more this week will be easier .



Hi ! All smiles off the bus & she did OK until 9 : 20 - about 7mins in the class . (her bus arrived late & we spent time in the bathroom ! ) I took her out to do her "exercises " & she quieted down . She did sit quietly for 10 mins - so we went for a walk . We stopped at the library today & tried to borrow a book but after 15 mins of browsing - she couldn't decide . Everything I pointed to she said NO . Finally she choose a Ballet book . Boy , she knows what she wants ! ! This book is due back in school on Mon . 10/24. Please don't forget . (Or sooner like Wed. if she wants to choose a different book) .


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10/18 Hi, We started should have warned you about books , Kat can spend hours in bookstores if you let her.

She likes Fairy tales, ballet, and mother goose sometimes. When you are ready you just have to get her to pick one. We can work on that on Friday.

Library is a great reward for her.

{ Do you think she is ready for starting to do some of the worksheets we did one on one. or Maybe just continue for 5days for 10minutes?


PS So yesterday she stayed in the classroom for total of 17 minutes without disruptions ?

We can keep track of that to monitor her progress .


1st interval: 7 min

2nd: 10min

3rd: -

Total: 17min


Just a reminder - I will not be here on Friday . Re the paragraph w/ the * (star), do you mean to do worksheets in Mrs. Br.'s class or in a private classroom ? We did do 2 worksheets yesterday but they were 1 on 1 in a different room .

We started timing @ 9:12 and she sat until 9 : 25 . We went for a walk to do work ! As you can see we did a few worksheets . I had to stop twice because she got disruptive . The 2nd time she had an " attitude " of - oh - here we go again ! Does this happen w/ you?

She enjoys the math worksheets I think , but does not like the letter ones . We wrote letters & numbers in the HW book. After a few worksheets we take a break & then start again. We've been working for 20 mins now & are going back to the classroom . I'll try to do some work there & let you know how it goes. Oops - they had TPE so we went outside instead . Maybe you should come on Thursday this week . Let me know .


Oct 18, 1994

D10:45 Gave look , did not stop , " Kat "

R: nomore silly talk

D 11:00 turned ,I said " Kat " _ she stopped

D 11:00 self talk


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Oct19, Hi, I will come in Thursday & Nextmonday (instead of Fridays) isthatok. The handwriting worksheets - put on hold she did not do small letters yet, only capitals .

Since she likes the math worksheets those are probably better ones to start off with in the classroom. Can she go for 10minutes on worksheets in another room without a break?

I will see you tomorrow.

P.S. Do you need more copies of worksheets.

10/19 Hi ! I love Kat's hair ! It is adorable & I bet much easier for you ! ! I arrived late this AM due to a meeting but she was w/ another teacher in El.'s room & was just fine . We had 1 disruption which we took care of & then she sat for 7 mins silently,then we went for a walk to do " work ". (She was real antsy ! )

* Just a note - please send in $ 6.00 for the class parties . They are given in the afternoon & this way she w/ be included . You can bring her to participate if you are home. She & the children would love it , I think .

- We did our work w/ out any problems - she was " talky " but I held her pencil like you did & she was fine .

Thursday sounds great ! but instead of coming in Monday , how about Thursday , the 27 th right after the clinic . By the way, like you said, after doing worksheets w/ me , she readily did one in El.'s room w/out any incident. It was familiar to her . Unfortunately, El. cannot attend the clinic , although she was very interested . Well, see you tomorrow.


P.S. Yes I do need more math worksheets. Can Kat have candy ? chocolate ? Anything she can't have ? Let me know.

10/19 Before drills Kat broughta book & started to copy by herself on a blank "unlined paper " ! !

10/19 4:00 - end of a drill - Kat sd. NO , NO , NO and started to zip notebook - we exercised

4:15- sd. bright blue & giggled - I sd. "hay " - Kat sd . no more silly talk & laughed , there was no more silly

4:20 began again - exercise

5:00 - 2 episodes: one when Kat saw next drill was Pretend - exercise and again at the end of the pretend drill

5:45 - Write Name drill - a couple x's before we could begin

6:30 Before / After drill - frustrated



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10/24 Hi ! El. wasn't here today so I'll hold the money until tomorrow . Thanks for the worksheets . I'll do about 8 a day - 1/2 math & 1/2 letters .


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Hi ! The day started off fine , however, once we started to work , she became very obstinate ! We had about 4 "interruptions " and she wasn't happy at all . On worksheet #34 she counted almost all of them wrong and didn't like it that I corrected her & we did them over . After 2 " exercises " she became focused again .

Oh - interesting thing happened. She got a break & choose a book which I had her bring over to the desk like we did yesterday . After 5 mins or so - she got up and ran back to the bookcase w/ her book & became very defiant & wouldn't listen . I had her do her " exercises " & then sit quietly at the desk . I tried to explain that if she wanted a different book she had to ask . I don't know whether she understood .

We did the 5 paper # 20, And she became very frustrated . The way we make 5's in school - (1.) down , (2.) around , (3.) & a hat .






Maybe this will help . As you can see - we didn't get very far w/ the worksheets & then it was time for TPE.

Tomorrow is another day !


10/25 She is just learning 5's at home so I took them out of worksheets. I got a call from J.R. tonight . He thought we were having a clinic at our house. The clinic is at Bancroft . I hope there is no confusion on your part.


1. Are you working with Kat on worksheets in Mrs. Br.'s class?

2. Are you seeing episodes of silly talk or outbursts of loud talk ?


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Boy , am I glad you said the clinic is at Bancroft - we all thought it was at your house ! ! Now I have to get directions .

1. I am working on worksheets in Mrs. C.'s room & saving 1 or 2 to do in Mrs. Br.'s room. Unfortunately , we couldn't finish them yesterday.

2. Yes - I am seeing silly talk during the work sheets & sometimes when she's reading . We had 4 such episodes yesterday while we were working . (

We just had 2 episodes while I am writing this ( 9 : 15 - 9 : 20 ) The 1st she was babbling about something & we went outside & " exercised ". We came back in & she put all her books on the table - I said choose 1 & she put them on the floor & twirled around in her space & babbled loudly . I took her out immed. & she continued to babble about the "man coming to get the children " - " hurry ! " all the while she exercised ! I did everything you suggested , even the verbal exercises but it didn't help. It was as if she didn't mind standing up & sittingdown!What I did do that I think finally worked was having her stand & face the wall for a few seconds, like you showed me. We had to leave the room 3 times before 9:30 . She was extremely verbal & nothing would quiet her .

I left at 9 : 30 to go & do some work -thinking she needed to do something . She did the 1st 2 worksheets w/out any incident . She was very silly while walking down the hall . During the worksheets she had a little silly talk - & stood up on her own & sat down on the floor , stood up again & sat at her desk . Now what do you make of that ? She completed the rest w/ only 1 episode of silly talk. During the exercises ,she again continued to babble . It didn't faze her in the least . When I asked her how old she was ,each time I got a different answer ! ( 7, 8, & 9 years old ) She will look at me with a " look " & then have " silly talk ", I assume to test me . Although doing the exercises today didn't seem to bother or upset her in the least .

I gave her a reading break after completing 4 worksheets & she was angry when I called her back to do 1 more (I saved the remainder for Mrs. Br.'s class (3) ) . Of course in the middle of everything we had a fire drill ! She kept erasing her name & doing it over & over . She completed them w/out incident or problems . See you later .



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An uneventful day. Kat had a few outbursts today but the exercises worked.

She was a little antsy by the last 2 worksheets , squirming & softly whining , but I put my hand on her shoulder & she quieted down .

We were all disappointed about the workshop last night being canceled . Hopefully , there will be other opportunities for us


* I started using a stantboard when she does her writing . She seems to hold her pencil better. Its also easier for her to write.

October 27, 1994 - M.

Kat had a wonderful session! She got lots of attention from Dad , S.W. and her therapist! Did not do all drills as S. observed and made many suggestions . He will be holding a workshop in the near future and will discuss program changes, etc.

One note: Kat has been asking for some " social " time . (e.g. singing in Disney Book ,writing . ) S. said this is good and to engage Kat in short play periods between drills if she seeks you out to do it appropriately. Will talk more about it at meeting.

F. 10/27/94

Had to go for "exercise " (used conversation drill questions) during drawing drill .

As reinforcer Kat asked me to read Pinocchio - read 2 pages after real good drill performance - Kat pressed sound buttons at the appropriate times only.

Went out to feed ducks as a reward - great fun ! Kat drove all the non - white ducks into the pond in order to only feed her favorite " white duck ". Kat also bravely petted the white duck several times w/o prompting !

ASAP NOTE: Do not do Asking vs. Answering - I don't know why but I did it before I noticed pencil not on drill sheet . Hope everyone looks at general note before they start working .

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10/28 Looks like yesterday was a very productive day for worksheets. Did she onle have afew outbursts yesterday? Does it appear to be lessening or not? If you could ask her what date is today ? We did calendar at breakfast and I wonder how long she will retain it.

10/28 I asked her the date after announcements , attendance &the national anthem (about 9 : 10) & she said Friday , Oct 28 , 1994 . Super !

As far as outbursts , they vary from day to day . Example - just now , she yelled -"they're coming!" , for no apparent reason . Thenimmed.turned to look at me & said " no more silly talk ." It seems she does realize it at times , while other times she doesn't have the control to stop them . I'll keep you informed .( We rewarded her w/ a bracelet ------> check to see if she still has it ![for knowing the date.])

While we were doing worksheets , I realized I didn't have any writing paper w/ me so I used the large paper. Before that , I had her (just for fun ) write on t he board. She wrote " THE BLUE BIRD . I helped her spell Blue & Bird , she was off by one letter in each word . She smiled & was very pleased with herself . she read it & then wrote it again .

I had her copy a sentence froma book - NO problems . Then I wanted her to draw a picture , but instead she wrote the word CASTLE from the book. Good day today !

Note - I spoke w/ the OT yesterday & she wants to look at Kat on Tues . AM re holding her pencil. You might want to come in then to work w/ me & meet her. Let me know OK?



Only 1 outburst today ! ! And she remembered the date , as I asked her when she left today !

K. 10/28/94

Did not do Asking & Answering . Kat did a nice job with me most of session. Some crying . I'm not sure if it is my newness . Kat did have to train me with a couple of the drillsbut I think she handled it well . Did sargeant drill 3 x's for self talk. We'll feel more secure with a little more training .

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S10/30 I also did not do Answer vs. Ask . During pretend teacher , I did a lot of silly talk Kat became very angry and held the object right in front of my eyes and persisted on saying What is it? I then prompted her finger to my mouth w/NO , she sd . NO SILLY TALK ! ! She didn't need prompts after that . Maybe she'll \/ her silly talk - ah maybe not ! Kat was a little actress today pretending to be happpy & sad.


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10/31 Hi E.,

Tuesday sounds good . I also would like to bring Kat for the parade , What time should we be at school ?

I added a note about grading her work sheets . What do you think?

PS . the news about remembering date is exciting .


Hi ! The parade will start at 1 : 45 so why don't I meet you in Mrs. Br.'s room @ 1 : 30 ? I'm a little confused about the worksheets - do you want me to use the grading system ? That is what I will do today & we'll talk later . (are they placed in any particular order?)

The children left for Health & we went to work . She cried & complained but we worked on . She started whimpering by the 3rd sheet . She will now write her name w/out prompting & I now ask her the date & later have her say it to Mrs. Br. In her agitation she became agressive & reached out to hit & kick . I kept up the exercises ! The "A" papers were completed in the classroom w/ me sitting at her side & the other children doing their own work . Sometimes she will whimper when I hand her another paper . After 5 worksheets I give her a break. We also went to the library toady . She completed all the ' A " papers very nicely w/ a minimum of fuss . A good morning opnce we got started ! !



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