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February 1992


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents nd her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







2/20 That sounds wonderful . She's also reading great at home. She's also starting to enjoy T.R. (new toy) ; she's been paying a lot more attention to everyone's faces , she looks at eyes. she opens mouths to look in (even the dog's ) .


2/20 Danuta,

Kat is learning to play Teddy Bear bingo . She is good w. matching the bears to the colors & spinning . We work on taking turns & strategy ( 4 in a row ) . she kids at lunch help !



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2/21 K. , when we were doing reading last night Kat said " little cat " when she saw word " Kitten ".

I did not understand the last sentence in your note last night .



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2/24 K. , Kat had a great weekend . She went to Franklin Institute the previous weekend when we were there. she loved to sit in the airplane and going through the " heart ". This weekend she was going again and I told her " go see airplane and heart " and she understood where she was going . She wanted her coat and to go in the car . Kept pointing to the garage door and saying " heart ".

I thought that was great since she was there only once before that.


2/24 Danuta,

Thanks for the Franklin info. The trip w/ Kat to the Franklin Institute sounds great! It's great she knew where she was going from being told verbally ( and after only ! trip ! ) This is really exciting !

Kat played lotto w/ the students who came into lunch .She is learning how to match her animal cards when one of the students holds it up & says " Who has ________ ( e . g . zebra)?" She says " I do ! " & matches it to her card like bingo. the whole group plays together . It's neat to see ! ( like a big bingo game ) .


P. S. We are scheduled to go to the book fair tomorrow.


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2/25 We'll have to try the bingo at home . I am enclosing $10 for Kat to select a book (I misplaced the form) herself.


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2/26 Danuta

Kat is beginning to sing in music ! I'll send the words home. I'm starting to teach Kat "Left" . I made a little bracelet w/ the word " Left " on it ( it's just made from yarn) . She wears it on her left wrist & 1 on her left ankle. So far she seems to like it .


P.S. Wrote a note to Est. about Fundraising Info . I'll give you her answer as she tells me!


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* Hi , Bridget sang the song about colors to Kat and Kat started to sing it by herself .

* Where is Burlington Center?

* I am sending in the videotape for Friday .

2/27 Danuta,

That's neat about the song ! Kat is doing super w/ her name - she wrote 6 / 9 yesterday !

The Burlington Center is on Rt 541. You can take Rt. 38 towards Mt Holly & pick up the 541 bypass ( turn LF by Lone Wolf produce stand ) Take bypass 'till end & turn lft ( you'll see a taco Bell ). That's 541 . Burlington Center is on Rt. ( about 5 lights ) .

Thanks for the movie !


P . S . Kat dropped her mermaid cup & it broke apart.


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2/28 K., can you give me a call today it's about the fundraiser .

Since Kat got the Sesame Street software she got the confidence to play with other she is playing constantly. She used to come home and ask for video but now it's nintendo !

2/28 Danuta ,

Today , Kat was doing her colors. She noticed the picture of it in her schedule was of the Sesame Street color cards we had tried with her in the spring last year . She pointed out " Elmo " ( I guess she learned his name from Nintendo ) & we brought out the cards for her to play with .

She had them most of the day & even asked for curtain colors ! She has really come far! She is " 90's " kid now - asking for Nintendo ! !



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2/29 The " Nintendo Kid " had a good weekend. Yesterday we played a letter game with little alphabet cards. I would give her all letters she needed to spell out a word and told her the first letter she spelled out a lot of words by herself ex [t]ree ,[k]itten and was very proud of herself as she was putting the last letter in .


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