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August 1990


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index


Date Notes Comments
1990-08-07 Please heat up Kat's lunch.

T. & D. (parents)

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D. -

Kat is doing better with coloring & cutting. When her fingers are placed in the loops & I help her hold the paper, she can cut across the page. She is also imitating 1 - 0 & when scribbling for longer periods (several minutes).

J.E.(Occupational Therapist)

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I am sending in Kat's favorite animals. If you put them in front of her she sings Old Mac Donald and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Thanks for the game we will try it out today.

Sorry I forgot to send the notebook in.

T. & D. (Parents)

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The unit this week is on zoo animals.

L.G. (Teacher)

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Please heat up Kat's lunch.

D. (Mother)

The unit this week is on tools. Kat is doing OK. Seemed a little lethargic today. Doing well with identifying same - using a cup, fork, spoon, & block - she gave "same" object on 3 out of 4 trials. We are going to now use other objects that Kat is familiar with and have her give the same to see if the skill is carrying over.

L.G. (Teacher)

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